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"I wanted to make a movie where the first fifteen minutes of the film a guy's gotta pee "  -- Vincent Gallo on his debut film, Buffallo 66
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Jill (Kay Nankervis) is a single mother with a 16 year old daughter, Bianca (Ellen Rossi) rebelling against their ramshackle way of life on the edge of Orange, a country town. When Jill's boyfriend Sean (Brendan May) has a minor stroke, he recovers with a new zeal for God. Jill nurses him but can't relate to his new persona, and she falls in love with his brother Michael (John Mercel). Michael's guilt drives him to a remote farm where he befriends Craig (Trevor Dawe), who is missing the boy he met and fell in love with . . . and finally Bianca decides to leave home.

Review by Andrew L. Urban:
The NSW country town of Orange is the geographical setting of the film, and you could be excused for thinking that it's hardly Manhattan or even Melbourne. But I doubt you'd be thinking any such thoughts after seeing the film.

The most striking aspect of Orange Love Story is the degree of veracity that Tom Cowan's methods achieve. It's as close to reality as any drama can get, as it almost effortlessly and without fuss touches on issues ranging from domestic violence to romantic betrayal and the loneliness of being gay in a small community. The cast are locals; they're the real people who've contributed the story elements - and hence the emotional content - and their performances are so raw yet credible as to be painfully close to watching real life. The dialogue isn't polished by a dialogue doctor or editor, and is as clunky as the people.

But Cowan hasn't abandoned the good housekeeping rules of filmmaking, and as a cinematographer of some standing, his eye for strong images propels the film visually. The gentle beginnings are loaded with emotional hand grenades, but Cowan never lets these overtake the film's tone. Orange Love Story defies the conventions of traditional filmmaking and succeeds on its own terms.

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CAST: Kay Nankervis, Ellen Rossi, Brendan May, Sophie Jamieson, Felicity Keep, Banjo Fitzsimmons, Anne Maree Adams, Matt Hansen, Matt Holland, Brenda Davies, Trevor Dawe, Vince Melton, John Mercel, Christian Tancred, Luke Callaghan, Will Ferguson, Jennifer Derrick, Bob Derrick, Luke Ken Wong

PRODUCER: Tom Cowan, Murray Inglis


SCRIPT: Adam Bowen, Tim Cowan

CINEMATOGRAPHER: Murray Lui, Hugh Miller

EDITOR: Kit Guyatt

MUSIC: John Simmons

RUNNING TIME: 82 minutes

AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTOR: Cineclix.com (download to own, US$5.99)


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