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Wednesday May 16, 2007
by Jimmy Thomson

Chick flick city
It’s been billed as the Ultimate Chick Flick. Norah Jones, the voice that launched a thousand cappuccinos, stars in a coming of age road movie romance called My Blueberry Nights (“I’ll have mine warmed, to go”). As they were paraded in front of the world’s press today - or those who had rose-coloured passes - Norah looked a little shy and a lot surprised that she was the centre of all that attention. Her co-star Jude Law also seemed surprised at all the attention ... she was getting. Why is this the UCF? Because Norah Jones is a solid gold star, having sold more records than any other woman this century, because she has the “lost child” quality that comes with being abandoned by a famous dad (Ravi Shankar), because she’s a plucky newcomer to the big screen, and because “It Girl” guy Jude Law is providing the lust factor. Shame a lot of women think the movie is a fizzer, despite sterling performances from Rachel Weisz and Natalie Portman.


IT COULD only happen in Cannes. An Australian journalist collared me and asked if I had heard of this bitch female writer who was “stealing” everyone’s interviews by claiming she was representing their newspapers. She was ruthless and conniving and I needed to watch my back if I came across her. I laughed and said I already knew how tough and uncompromising she could be – because I’m married to her. And ruthless as she is, she’s no thief. Thing is, with so many Press and a limited number of stars to interview, those with most clout get most action – it’s a fact of life and you either live with it or get a better job. But I’ll keep stirring the pot in the hope of fisticuffs. I know who my money will be on.


More whingeing journos (none of them Australian) as several gaggles were ferried by luxury minibus to interview Zodiac stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Chloe Sevigny and Mark Ruffalo at the Hotel Du Cap in Antibes. Their complaints about the 45-minute trip either way were (almost) silenced by an older hand who pointed out that last year interviewers were told to make their own way ... and pay the $120 taxi fares themselves.


The parties kicked off tonight with a subdued affair on the beach staged by publicists DDA while the chosen few held themselves in reserve for the Blueberry Nights black tie bash at a secret location. Invites for the latter were singles only and not transferable. No cameras were allowed and there was a late change of pick-up points to foil the dedicated gatecrashers. At least one invitee chose a late viewing of the film rather than a night seeing how close they couldn’t get to the stars.

Wish you were here ...

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Norah Jones and Jude Law
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Jude Law (Photo Jimmy Thomson)





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