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Sunday, May 20
By Jimmy Thomson

Australia flew the flag tonight – on La Croisette, if not on the big screen – with the announcement of the inaugural Asia Pacific Screen Awards. At a launch party overlooking the beach, the boulevard and the Brits (who were hosting their own reception on the roof of an adjoining, lower building) we were told that the inaugural awards will be held on the Gold Coast on November 13. (As reported a few weeks ago in Urban Cinefile.)

More significantly, probably, there will be two TV shows one before the awards and another about the winners, on CNN television. Involving 70 countries, the Asia Pacific Awards - which I think should be called the Bruces (after Mr Lee and all Australian blokes) or the Chans (after Jackie, whose parents live in Canberra) – have been backed by CNN International, UNESCO and the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF).

Even so, they are probably a very good thing and deserve our support. How about calling them the Onyas? Way too Australian so maybe not. But anything rather than the APSAs, please.


The St Trinians launch tripped over its own hockey sticks today with the late arrival of its stars and a lukewarm reception by the press (considering they’d been fighting over themselves to get in). Any doubts that the old Ronald Searle concept - which starred Alistair Sim, George Cole and Joyce Grenfell – was going to be sexed up were removed when two of the young female stars turned up in what amounted to fantasy schoolgirl outfits, including the obligatory miniskirt and fishnet stocking ensemble.

Colin Firth looked less than pleased to be there and Rupert Everett was putting on a brave face despite the fact that the whole idea was his. Rupert will play a cross-dressing principal (Alistair Sim, he ain’t – although he did claim that he never tried to be) while Colin Firth plays the local Director of Education. Firth seemed subdued.

With nothing more to show than a couple of decent actors who should know better and yards of milky thigh, the brand new St Trinian’s may yet surprise us all when it’s released in Britain in December. When the original St Trinians films were made they shocked Britain by showing public (meaning private) schoolgirls smoking. This time we’ve been promised sex and drugs. That’s progress for you.


Rupert Everett, who plays a cross-dressing libertarian principal, says he based his female character on a mixture of his mother and Camilla Parker Bowles. You can LISTEN to him tell it more entertainingly.


No Country For Old Men star Javier Bardem was prominent in the celebrity mosh pit bopping to U2, live on the steps of the Palais de Festival last night. Next day, feeling slightly the worse for wear after celebrating the warm reception given to the Coen brothers’ new movie, he recalled his last day on set. Just to remind him what he had been up to, cast and crew presented him with a chocolate cake featuring a candle and pictures of all of the many, many people his character had killed in the film. He also noted that, ironically, given that he was the only cast member who couldn’t speak English, his character was the only one who didn’t speak Spanish at some point. He also attributed his blank, spooky look in the most terrifying scenes to the fact that he didn’t know what he was saying.


Josh Brolin, whose father James is a well-known face on TV and movie screens – was encouraged by his parents NOT to be come an actor. The star of No Country For Old Men said today that he has a couple of fall-backs if the acting game goes bad on him. First of all there’s a law degree that could come in handy, then there’s the fact that he makes most of his money from day trading in shares. Maybe that’s why he appears so relaxed on screen.

Wish you were here ...

Published May 21, 2007

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The girls from St Trinians...(Getty Images)

Colin Firth and Rupert Everett with the girls from St Trinians (AP)




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