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In suburban Perth, Tom (Matt Hardie), Claire (Jodie Passmore) and Kevin (Steve McCall) are looking for a new house mate after Vanessa (Jane Pyper) leaves abruptly, also upsetting her sexual relationship with Claire. When Tom sees Emma (Caitlin Higgins) with luggage, looking at a supermarket community notice board, he invites her over as a potential share mate. She moves in, and instantly seduces Tom, and then moves on Kevin, after he has confessed a personal secret, before she tackles Claire. The relationships begin to crumble as Emma provokes and manipulates each of them with sex. It all comes to a head during a birthday party for Emma.

Review by Andrew L. Urban:
There is more to the screenplay than meets the eye in this low budget black comedy/drama, as it explores the destructive power of a stranger attacking a shared house with her sexual forays. Tom (Matt Hardie), Claire (Jodie Passmore) and Kevin (Steve McCall) are the victims of Emma's (Caitlin Higgins) highly efficient method of quickly becoming top emotional dog in the household. It's simple, really; she seduces them all in rapid succession, and does so with a brazen, smiling faux-innocence.

Each of the characters is vulnerable, with Kevin losing his job, Claire losing her lover, Vanessa (Jodie Passmore) whose abrupt departure makes room for a new tenant, and Tom lacking self esteem. Emma preys on them and sets them against each other in classic tactical manoeuvres, and sits back to watch the ruckus.

She is clearly a little odd, getting off on her routine, and even her explanation that she is an actress doesn't fully explain why she breaks down at one point in apparent digust at herself. More interesting is the way the household breaks down so easily - and it's a credible scenario, well written and well performed, with a lively score.

Although commercial prospects are limited, the DVD should find an audience in the youth markets and has already scored some festival invitations.

Published November 22, 2007

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(Aust, 2006)

CAST: Caitlin Higgins, Matt Hardie, Laura Henderson, Steve McCall, Jodie Passmore, Jane Pyper, Renee Formiatti, Renato Fabretti

PRODUCER: Antony Webb, Zak Hilditch

DIRECTOR: Zak Hilditch

SCRIPT: Zak Hilditch, Steve McCall


EDITOR: Antony Webb

MUSIC: Ash Gibson Greig

RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes

PRESENTATION: 16:9; Dolby Stereo


DVD DISTRIBUTOR: Accent Underground

DVD RELEASE: November 7, 2007

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