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In an era when zombies have been tamed by the Zomcon Corporation's techniques, Timmy Robinson's (K'Sun Ray) best friend in the whole wide world is the new family servant, a six-foot tall rotting zombie named Fido (Billy Connolly). But when Fido eats the next-door neighbour, Mom and Dad (Carrie-Anne Moss, Dylan Baker) hit the roof, and Timmy has to go to the ends of the earth to keep Fido a part of the family.

Review by Andrew L. Urban:
It's not often that you can say about a zombie movie, what great art direction. And it's not just my offbeat sense of fun, either; the film won the Canadian Genie award for art direction and was nominated for costumes. Aah, those costumes, invoking the 50s with zeal. And so they should, as does the film's 50s sensibility, complete with little Helen Robinson housewife (Carrie-Anne Moss) welcoming hubby Bill (Dylan Baker) after a day of she in the kitchen, he at work, with a three olive martini. What better ear in cinema than that to tackle a story about flesh eating zombies. It sets the mood with a black and white educational film about the security firm that has made a motza out of zombie containment. Clever electro-collars tame the zombies, who ... er... which can then become household servants and such.

The filmmakers get darkly amusing mileage out of the notion of tamed zombies in suburbian servitude, and there are subtle subversive touches in the screenplay, all adding to the outlandish but comic tone. Billy Connolly is dead good as the unspeakable and un-speaking zombie pet, Fido, and his loyalty to the Robinson family is rewarded by a grateful Mrs Robinson, who (in another rare moment in zombie movie-land) utters the line: "You crazy, wonderful zombie!" Then she hugs him, and thanks to the previously sown seeds of unthinkable romantic interest here, we all twitter.

All the performances are tops, with young K'Sun Ray excellent as the youngster with a pet zombie, Carrie-Anne Moss as the loving mother whose nerdy husband stands to be cuckolded by same zombie, and Dylan Baker as the nerdy husband and hands-off dad.

It's all played dead straight (pardon the pun) and the bright colours go beautifully with the lifeless blue of zombie skin.

Published: May 1, 2008

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(Canada, 2006)

CAST: Carrie-Anne Moss, Billy Connolly, Dylan Baker, K'Sun Ray, Tim Blake Nelson, Henry Czerny, Sonja Bennett, Jennifer ClementRob LaBelle, Aaron Brown, Brandon Olds, Alexia Fast

PRODUCER: Blake Corbet

DIRECTOR: Andrew Currie

SCRIPT: Andrew Currie, Dennis Heaton, Robert Chomiak


EDITOR: Roger Mattiussi

MUSIC: Don MacDonald


RUNNING TIME: 88 minutes


DVD RELEASE: March 5, 2008

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