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Following the extraordinary run (over 12 months) of the Swedish film As It Is In Heaven, starring Michael Nyqvist, at the Hayden Orpheum in Sydney, the cinema is launching its part of this year’s Swedish Film Festival with Suddenly, also starring Nyqvist, from director Johan Brissinger. The premiere on September 10 will be hosted by Angela Bishop with special guest Australia's Swedish Ambassador Karin Ehnbom-Palmquist.

Suddenly is an intense and emotionally complex drama which was one of the biggest box office hits in Sweden last year. When unexpected tragedy strikes—a father and son survive a car accident that claims the lives of the mother and youngest son—how do the remaining family members cope? Tough times follow as Lasse struggles with depression and his teenage son Jonas increasingly isolates himself.

"Other highlights"

Other highlights of the Swedish film festival include Darling, starring Michelle Meadows and Michael Segerstrom, showing a cold, night-time Stockholm at its most attractively, deceptively, frigid best. As a study in humility and optimism it succeeds as well as it depicts the mean chrome night life of the younger privileged set.

The exquisite children’s film, Pirret, is about a charming, intelligent 6-year-old girl who discovers she can fly. Her mother played, by Frida Hallgren, is so startled she admits her to a clinic for tests where the child proves that, yes, she really can fly, and also is able to inspire terminally ill patients to get out of bed. The screening will start with a special presentation of Laban, a series of animated sketches about Laban, a baby ghost, and his ghost family in adventures in their haunted-castle home.

By way of contrast, Iskariot is a modern day Stockholm crime drama - a taut and tense thriller about two brothers, one good and one dangerous, who become embroiled in crime schemes gone wrong and pursued by a criminal boss (Michael Nykvist again). The history of Judas Iskariot is parlayed into 2008 with genuine thrills and mesmerising results.

"uplifting, funny and surprisingly moving"

Also screening in the festival is Colin Nutley’s uplifting, funny and surprisingly moving, Heartbreak Hotel, about an unlikely friendship between two women trying to put zest into their lives, starring Helena Bergström and Maria Lundqvist. “... a gorgeous film with a wonderful soundtrack,” says Louise Keller. (see Review

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