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Why have you changed the format of your weekly emails??!! It was much better, and quicker, when you could go directly to the articles you wanted to read!!!
Steve Jeffares
St Kilda, Vic

We are experimenting with various technological tools for reader traffic assessment and this allows us to measure traffic through the front page. It's a long story, but that's it in brief. We will also respond to readers responses, so thanks again for yours. It's good to know how readers like their Urban Cinefile. Stay tuned
Andrew L. Urban, Editor

Hi there...thanks for such a good film review website...I look forward to each Wednesday to receive the latest. Just one small gripe, which is probably not your prob but I've encountered it via your hyperlink to AOL, I've tried on two occasions to get the AOL info..to register for the free desk but to no avail. The link listed on tonight's info about the AFI didn't work. What do you suggest? Or is it not your prob?
Thanks Robyn K.

Hi Robyn the page link seems to be working now, but any further problems to get free AOL disk, call their hot line on 1300 654 633
Louise Keller, Deputy Editor

In the movie [Shadrach], it shows Shadrach with a Mickey Mouse pocket watch, his sole possession, that he supposedly received on one of his teen birthdays. If the movie is set in the 1930's during the Depression, and he is 99 years old then, bit of a problem as the first Mickey Mouse pocket watch was not produced until around 1925!!!! Thanks for the tickets, but I must say the movie was not my cup of tea. Reminded me of a down and out version of 'The Waltons' heading south to VIRGINIA!!! Too much American smultz!!!
Ruth Moore

Eds note: Ruth, you win the Eagle-eye Moviegoer award of the Week.

Is the German film Run Lola Run going to be released in Australia? If so, when it due? Thanks,

Run Lola Run is not currently on the Australian release schedule for the first half of 1999. We will watch out for it.
Cheers, Louise

Hi People,
I am disappointed that I cant find your upcoming movies for November, December - I love knowing
what's coming out each week in advance. Are you still going to continue with this ?
Belinda Marshall
Glebe, NSW 2037

As you probably are aware, release dates constantly change. But we will endeavour to list upcoming movie release dates. They are now back on the site. Thanks for the feedback. Glad to know you find the list useful. Cheers, Louise

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