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The 2000s was a great era for film, and many movies released in the early years of the millennium are still incredibly popular today. Films including The Departed, The Lord of the Rings series and Finding Nemo were all released in an eclectic period that saw distinct changes in film across a number of genres. There was an increased realism in sport films, a swing towards American humour in comedies and a rise in the number of movies based on real life events. Even more recently, there has been another swing in the style of movies and the way that they continue to keep the viewer engaged.

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Casino films tended to be clever and intelligent rather than silly and unrealistic
Casino and poker films rose in popularity after the success of the Ocean movies. Previously, many casino films had poor plots – but the rebirth of the Ocean’s series changed that. Using established actors such as George Clooney and Brad Pitt, the Ocean’s films adopted a clever plot line that kept the audience hooked until the very end – sometimes with double plots. In fact, some people still don’t know how Danny Ocean managed to orchestrate the ‘impossible’ plan to take down Terry Benedict’s thriving casino enterprise. Furthermore, these casino movies target a younger set of viewers and so enhanced the public image of casino environments.

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Meanwhile, casino movies have swung towards humour in recent years – largely due to the Hangover series. Four friends visit Las Vegas for a bachelor party but, after partying a little too hard, find their lives have turned upside down overnight. Not only is this film extremely unrealistic, it borders on the ridiculous and involves Mike Tyson’s tiger, waking up with a baby in the apartment and a kidnapping. These films, although entertaining, are just too silly to take seriously and many prefer the genuinely intriguing plot-lines of the Ocean films.

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Prior to the 2000s, the majority of horror films had tended to be too unrealistic to scare your stereotypical viewer. However, a range of series’ in the decade – in particular, the Saw collection – opened up the opportunity for other sickening horrors to be made. Suddenly, there were a number of different horror films, all of which adopted a new method to scare and intrigue the viewer. Some were jumpy, others were gory, and a select few were just disgusting, but it was impossible to take your eyes off. Actors like Tobin Bell just seemed to play their part to perfection, and were convincingly creepy.

By Sam Howzit

Towards the end of the 2000s, the first Paranormal Activity movie was released. Although the Blair Witch Project had been released at the end of the 1990s, the late 2000s saw a sudden surge in ‘reality’ horror documentaries, with real live stories about poltergeist attacks on their homes. These were certainly welcomed, but their life span was short – and many had started to get bored of the Paranormal Activity series by the end of the second film. More recently, we have seen a return to ‘old school’ horror films with movies like The Woman in Black, The Conjuring and Insidious all succeeding in scaring the viewer with jumpy camera scenes. Of course, the advance in technology has helped horrors to become more realistic, but there are only a small percentage of films that will continue to scare people in years to come.

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