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Kevin Dillon (Kieran Culkin) and his mother (Sharon Stone) move next door to Maxwell Kane (Elden Henson) and his grandparents (Gena Rowlands, Harry Dean Stanton). Thirteen-year-old Max is a giant boy with size 14 shoes who’s slow in school, short on courage, and long on not fitting in. Then he meets Kevin, a tiny Einstein in leg braces with more smarts, lip and nerve than any kid in town. Both boys have been outcasts all their lives. To the local hoods, they’re Frankenstein and Igor. But together - with tiny Kevin perched on the shoulders of giant Max - they form a single, mighty warrior: an imposing force with an iron will, a wild imagination, and the mightiest air of nobility since the reign of King Arthur.

"Reinforcing the power of the mind and the imagination, The Mighty is simply one of the most extraordinary films of the year – a mighty treat for all ages. Peter Chelsom is immaculate at the helm and from the outset, the emotions are from the heart. The wry and original script tells a story about perceptions, illusions, dreams and courage. The notion of two young boys who don't fit in but have to cope with the cruelty of their peers is handled with sensitivity and charm; it's a story of friendship of the most meaningful and poignant kind. There's nothing contrived about the emotions shown on screen, nor those it draws naturally from us the audience. There's humour throughout, punctuating a journey into the dark, when horrors from Max's childhood return to haunt him. The X Files fans will delight in seeing an almost unrecognisable Gillian Anderson as a drunken tart, married to Meat Loaf! The performances are immaculate – Kieran Culkin shows a complexity and depth his older brother never achieved despite his rise to stardom, while Elden Henson brings an overwhelming vulnerability, magnified by his physical size. Culkin and Henson forge one of the most moving bonds of young friendship recently seen on screen. Sharon Stone is understated but powerful, and Gena Rowlands and Harry Dean Stanton are class acts."
Louise Keller

"Realised with all the best elements of filmmaking at their peak, The Mighty offers optimism about human nature while also showing its cruel sides. The satisfying complexity of the story is built on the singular backgrounds and childhood experiences of the central characters, which are on par with what happens to many people – dramas, traumas and painful relationships form our view of the world and our responses to it. This truth carries great weight in The Mighty, balanced with the upheld values reflected in Camelot."
Andrew L. Urban

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CAST: Sharon Stone, Elden Henson, Kieran Culkin, Gena Rowlands, Harry Dean Stanton, Gillian Armstrong, James Gandolfini, Joe Perrino, Meat Loaf, Jenifer Lewis

DIRECTOR: Peter Chelsom

PRODUCER: Jane Startz Fields

SCRIPT: Charles Leavitt (based on the book Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick)


EDITOR: Martin Walsh

MUSIC: Trevor Jones


RUNNING TIME: 100 minutes



VIDEO RELEASE: December 14, 1999

VIDEO DISTRIBUTOR: Roadshow Entertainment

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