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SYNOPSIS: Lowly theme park mechanic Sam (Taylor Kitsch) dreams about his childhood sweetheart Sue (Jennette McCurdy). With the misguided belief that only a bling ring can win the girl of his dreams, Sam plans the most perfect night to propose to his one true love. But when supervillain Oscar (Jason Kravitz) shows up with an evil scheme involving a ring of his own, Sam's plans are thrown into utter disarray. After mistaking each other's rings for their own, Sam teams up with his robot superheroes to track down his engagement ring and save the city... learning that it's not about the size of the bling, but the size of your heart.

Review by Louise Keller:
Romance, popping the question, super heroes and villains are the main ingredients of this upbeat-animated film that offers colour and some chuckles for the younger set. The main plot involves Sam (Taylor Kitsch), the cute mechanic from the amusement park Roboworld, where robots pretend to be superheroes. They fart, too. Meanwhile Sam is besotted by Sue (Jennette McCurdy), his childhood sweetheart Sue, who is now the hottest news reporter on Channel 7. Their relationship is playful and he makes her laugh. The flashback that shows Sam wanting to give Sue a soda tin ring as a sign of his commitment is ultra sweet.

The quality of the ring represents the quality of the man, he is told and much of the film involves Sam trying to find the right moment and the right amount of magic to pop the question. But Sam is not the only one wanting his girl to say 'I do'. Oscar (Jason Kravitz), the super villain with the creepy sidekick (James Woods) also wants a bride and has his eyes set on Catherine (Carla Gugino). However, this is a match made in hell: Catherine is an unwilling participant. These are the film's most amusing scenes.

There are two rings, a frenetic pursuit, high altitude conflict and fireworks of many kinds. It's a sweet film yet it feels underdeveloped, in the wake of the sophistication of Kung Fu Panda 3 and the charm of Zootopia.

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(South Korea, 2016)

VOICES: Taylor Kitsch, Jennette McCurdy, James Woods, Carla Gugino, Tom Green, Jon Heder, Jason Mewes, Jason Kravitz

PRODUCER: Jongsoo Kim, Joshua Sohn

DIRECTOR: Kyung Ho Lee, Wonjae Lee

SCRIPT: Chris Denk, Hyunjoong Kim, Kyung Ho Lee


EDITOR: Changju Kim

MUSIC: Geoff Zanelli


RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes


AUSTRALIAN RELEASE: March 3, 2016 / Google Play

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