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When reigning school heartthrob Zack (Freddie Prinze Jr.) returns from the spring break, he finds his girlfriend Taylor (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) has found herself a new beau over the holidays. Convinced it is he, not Taylor, who’s the source of their popularity, Zack bets his friend Dean (Paul Walker) he could take any girl and make her the prom queen. Dean selects the nerdy Laney (Rachael Leigh Cook) who’s immersed herself in art to come to terms with the death of her mother. With the help of his sister Mack (Anna Paquin), Zack sets out to makeover Laney and transform her into the belle of the ball. But Taylor has other ideas.

"She’s All That is, like, Audrey Hepburn meets the Valley girls, dudes. I mean, you’ve seen that old My Fair Lady movie; but who woulda thought they’d make it into, like, a 90’s teen movie, man? Like that wasn’t totally unpredictable. Even though it’s set now, this movie is majorly retro. It’s kinda like those 50’s TV sitcoms, where all kids hadta worry about was which college you’re gonna go to, which tux to wear and who’s gonna be your girlfriend next week. But like everybody’s beautiful and smart and stuff. Awesome! In this movie you can totally relate to the characters because you’ve seen them all like a gazillion times before, so you know exactly who they are and what they’re gonna do. And there ain’t no weirdo plot developments to mess with the kickin’ soundtrack. The dudes that wrote this have gone like totally formula, man. Freddie Prinze Jr. is awesomely cool and looking sharp, so don’t be wantin’ any of that "acting". Rachael Leigh Cook is a fine lady, but I didn’ buy her as a dork at the start. She just be lookin’ too damn good. Jodi Lyn O’Keefe as Taylor is like a total bitch, man - but I guess she was meant to be. Anna Paquin, Kevin Pollack and even Sarah Michelle Gellar (uncredited, dude - can you believe it) are there too, but their parts are so small, ya hardly notice ‘em. She’s All That is like totally a teen movie, man. But if you’re, ya know, old - like over 17 - you’ll prob’ly think it’s majorly lame-o."
David Edwards

"Teen films have been around since Hollywood began, but today's seem to be intent on offering little that's new or genuinely engaging. Not that She's All That is by any means a terrible film, just a tedious one, a film that has moments of charm and sincerity, but also moments of predicability, and lacks any depth or sense of character. It offers today's adolescents message that to be part of the crowd, you need to be chic and glam. It's a simplistic approach and a regrettable message. The film does have a kind of begrudging charm about it, once it gets over some woeful teen clichés and plot implausibilities. Most of that charm comes from the film's women, who drive this movie beyond a sense of self-parody. Rachael Leigh Cook is rather effective and has some beautiful moments as the former ugly duckling whose swan metamorphosis gives her a feeling of self-worth. New Zealand's Anna Paquin, with relatively little to do is excellent. Less effective is Freddie Prinze Jr, who gives a monotonous performance that lacks conviction and makes his character underwhelming at best."
Paul Fischer

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CAST: Freddie Prinze Jr., Rachael Leigh Cook, Matthew Lillard, Paul Walker, Kevin Pollak, Keiran Culkin, Elden Ratliff, Anna Paquin

DIRECTOR: Robert Iscove

PRODUCER: Peter Abrams, Richard N.Gladstein and Robert L. Levy

SCRIPT: R. Lee Fleming Jr.


EDITOR: Casey O. Rohrs

MUSIC: Stewart Copeland


RUNNING TIME: 95 minutes



VIDEO RELEASE: Sept 21, 1999

VIDEO DISTRIBUTOR: Roadshow Home Entertainment

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