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Dear Andrew,
I felt it would be appropriate to write and thank you for your reviews, my reason: For some time now I have been a great fan of your style of three different reviewers as I have found them to be refreshingly unbiased with a remarkable insight into what makes for good movie.Their perception seems to be "Is this movie good entertainment?" Why do I like that? Because I go to the movies to be entertained and your reviewers let me know honestly and so far they've been right.
Please keep up the good work. I'm writing this belatedly because today is the first time I read your Policy Review! sorry about that.
Kindest Regards,

Danny McCarthy, Sydney


I have had a request from a film-maker in Holland for information regarding a documentary he intends to make in Australia. He wishes to profile a family who lives and works in the fruitpicking industry. He would like to know if any other documentaries covering this subject have been made, or of other relevant material.
Would you know of any particular resource group we could contact to track down this information? Or do you have any other ideas yourself/selves?

Louise replies: You may find some information here: http://www.sna.net.au/

Dear Urban Cinefile editor,
I am asking if an Australian release date has be given yet for the Trey Parker-Matt Stone comedy BASEKETBALL yet. I have been waiting a year for it. I saw THE CRAIC last Sunday and enjoyed it immensely. It definetly deserves its box office success.
I would best describe it as CROCODILE DUNDEE in reverse.
Andrew Kieswetter. Adelaide.
P.S. Do you know if the Robert Altman films NASHVILLE and BREWSTER McCLOUD will ever be released on video in Australia?

Louise replies (Andrew is in Cannes): Release date for Baseketball has changed many times to date. It has completely dropped off the release schedule. We will keep you posted. No word on the video release of the Altman films.


What ever happened to Cinema Papers?
Dear Urban Cinefiles,
It was the fantastic publication Cinema Papers that first tempted my love for film over three years ago. Since then, the magazine has been at the forefront of my critical reading list - well at least until January of this year when it released its 25th anniversary issue (No. 129). That was, unfortunately, the last I had heard of this quality mag, and no one has given me a satisfactory answer to the reason behind its disappearance.
In the meantime I have had my desire for film reviews and news quelled by the Urban Cinefile. Nevertheless, you can never have too much of a good thing – I want more Cinema Papers!
Dave Gooding

Andrew replies: Fear not, Cinema Papers is alive and coming out with its Cannes edition real soon, followed by a July edition. I know because I have written articles for both. There has been a bit of a corporate hiccup, but it will go on. At least for the next little while.

My boyfriend and I thought The Castle was a great, lighthearted movie. We thought the acting was great, the story very sweet and we both had tears in our eyes at the end. It may have been a low budget movie, but aren't they generally the best. We especially loved the parts when father and son were scrounging around for a bargain in the newspaper!! Great, loved it. Thankyou
Karin Taglang


Greetings from RuneMaster Pendants......Hi My name is Mary and I am requsting for a list of movies being made in Aussie or N.Z. By Aussie or Hollywood producers in the next 6 months or year if poss .If not possible please let me know where I can get this type of info from.My boyfriend is being groomed as an actor at the moment and looks like being in demand. I just thought to ask , to see what's comming up here down under.Thanks very much .

Louise replies: This information is available from the Australian Film Commission.

I read the interview with Geoffrey Wright about Cherry Falls and I plan to see it when it comes out the locals chased Scream away from a local High school(at where Scream was made) so it comes to no suprise really
I saw Ravenous on the first day of release and I quite liked it I didn't mind the music at all yes it was Fargo-ish meets John Carpenter but it didn't bother me I am pretty tolerant about those things there have not been good horror films in years  even SCREAM was too light & fluffy actually not scary at all this was a nice switch away from the endless teen slasher films

Brendan Day

Great site.....love it.
Can you please help me with when Pushing Tin is now being released to cinema????
You had it in the May 13 releases...but now it is now longer there. Was really looking forward in seeing Cate Blanchett's new movie. Hope you can help.Maybe you can help me with Cate's other movies. Do you know when "An Ideal Husband" (already released in England)  and The Talented Mr. Ripley with Gwyn and Matt Damon will be released in Australia?
Lin Hillier

Louise replies: Pushing Tin is now scheduled for release on July 22. No date has been set for the Australian release of the other two films.

Kim - your questions re the following films: 'The Idiots' and 'The Celebration', and Darren Aronofsky's 'Pi'. I was also wondering whether the following ones will be getting an Australian release at all:
'Mifune" (Mifune's Sidste Sang), Soren Kragh-Jacobsen, Denmark 1999
'I Stand Alone' (Seul Contre Tous), Gaspar Noe, France 1998
'Siberia' , Robert Jan Westdijk, Netherlands 1998
'Show Me Love' (Fucking Amal), Lukas Moodysson, Sweden 1998
'Following' , Christopher Nolan, UK 1998

Ed replies: Pi - Beyond has it for Australia and slotted for July 15.
Fuck Amal & I Stand Alone - both are in the Sydney Film festival but don't seem to have a local distributor as yet. That's all we can do to help for now. Keep an eye on our pages.

Touch of Evil. Was this film ever released here if so ( U think it was- I checked with the OFLC datbase of films classified) but there was a re-release last year in the USA that was restored footage not seen the first time. Did we ever get that here and will we? What is this film about? I think Janet Leigh is in it.
Brendan Day

Louise replies: A narcotics officer in Mexico is on his honeymoon with his American wife before testifying against a drug lord. It directed by Orson Welles, who also starred with Janet Leigh and Charlton Heston. 23/5/99: Chauvel Cinemas in Sydney is re-releasing a fully restored and re-edited version commencing on May 27.

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