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"Composers always seem to exude an unbridled jubilation with the music they create for animation. Conversely, nothing seems to inspire animators more keenly than truly great music, with the Disney classic Fantasia and the less celebrated, but even better Italian production, Allegro non Troppo, being prime examples.

Perhaps it is the entirely abstract expressiveness of both music and animation that accounts for this wonderful symbiosis. Whatever the reason, Randy Newman appears to have caught the Bug – A Bug’s Life, James and the Giant Peach, and Toy Stories 1 and 2 have all benefited from his evocative aural landscapes in recent years.

Here, despite lacking the synergy of sound and visuals combined, the Toy Story 2 soundtrack stands alone astonishingly well. It begins with three infectiously melodic songs including a rootin’ tootin’, fine fiddlin’ barn-dance performed by Riders in the Sky; a beautifully crafted lament – with a touchingly poignant vocal by Sarah McLachlan – for that platonic, unconditional and enchantingly innocent love which is ignored by the morass of cliched pop songs; and a joyous big band swing fronted by the resonant baritone of Robert Goulet and later reprised in instrumental form with the crisp, muscular saxophone of Tom Scott.

The orchestral score is even better and just as accessible. From the first post-songs track, Zurg’s Planet – featuring a bolero figure that is a cute nod Gustav Holst -- bursts of brass interweave with cascading strings, percussive garnishments and whispers of woodwind to render an aural creation that is as magically delightful as a child’s favourite toy; and just like that favourite toy, this soundtrack has only one demand: Hit the play button."
Brad Green

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ID: D24152

Walt Disney Records/Pixar

COMPOSER: Randy Newman

PRODUCER: Randy Newman and Frank Wolf

FEATURED ARTISTS: Riders in the Sky, Sarah McLachlan, Robert Goulet, Tom Scott


Golden Globe Winner 2000 (Best Picture Comedy/Musical)

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