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"There is a burgeoning barrel of positive superlatives buried deep in my vocabulary that is simply bursting to shower its contents of praise on a worthy Aussie soundtrack. Iíve been expecting such CD to arrive at any moment. And here it isnít. So long as my poor CD player continues to be force-fed concocted compilations of bands with overdeveloped images performing underdeveloped songs, the poetic plaudits must remain untapped. Like most collections of rock-bop-teen-trash-punk-pop ditties posing as soundtracks, this is a collection of the good, the bad and the unforgivable.

Fortunately, the first track belongs to the former category. Killing Heidi is a young band brimming with potential and although weíre all weary of Weir itís a promising start. But the illusion that this could be a soundtrack of serious merit is seriously shattered by track two. Just when you thought it was safe to remove the novelty-song-protection ear plugs Ė The Macarena having long been tossed out with the stale spaghetti and Aquaís Barbie drowned in a sea of its own banality Ė along comes Happyland with a less than felicitous sonic atrocity called Tintarella Di Luna. La Luna is precisely the distance I want to be from anywhere on planet Earth if this kitsch, crass excuse for a song becomes remotely faddish.

Things improve considerably with Catatoniaís whispery, whimsical Dead From the Waist Down but itís not enough to rescue this soundtrack from the dire sounds of Hamish Cowan delivering an ineffably awful U2 cover, Frenzal Rhomb demonstrating that there are more angles to a parallelogram than their linearly predictable music and Magic Dirt providing lots of dirt from their overdriven guitars but considerably less magic than Samantha "Bewitched" Stephens with a broken nose.

But finally Iím won over . . . by the very last track . . . a reprise of Tintarella Di Luna thatís even tackier than the original. I give up. Iíve joined the novelty song bandwagon. I know the brilliant Aussie soundtrack Iíve been waiting for. Bring on a dozen dance remixes of Joe Dulceís, Shaddap You Face, I say. Only kidding.
Brad Green

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TITLE: Looking For Alibrandi

ID: Murmur/Sony

FEATURED ARTISTS: Killing Heidi, Lo-Tel, Frenzal Rhomb, Spiderbait, Magic Dirt, Catatonia, Endorphin, Gina Zoia, Happyland, Hamish Cowan, Antenna (with Chrissie Amphlett), Stella One Eleven


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