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A radical new low-cost, internet-based marketing service for Australian filmmakers will be launched on August 14 under the IndieFilmWeb.com banner, by Brian M. Logan (himself a filmmaker) and several associates; the site will provide a showcase where shorts (and/or showreels and music video clips) will be streamed free for up to 12 months, as a sales and marketing aid, with all rights retained by the filmmaker.

"Ive had the idea for IndieFilmWeb.com for many years," says Logan, "but up till now there just hasnt been a delivery platform capable of sustaining the transportation of the requisite file size, needed to stream both pictures and sound at 24 frames a second. But now, fortunately, technology has caught up!"

To be launched at the Riche nightclub in the Sydney Hilton on July 13, IndieFilmWeb.com (with the catch-line: Addiction is Inevitable) was born out of a desire to enable (struggling) filmmakers to promote their work, using the global and easy accessibility of the web.

"If wed bothered to sit down and actually plot out how much work was involved in taking IndieFilmWeb.com from concept to completion," Logan adds, "it may well have scared us all off! But fortunately, weve got such a fantastic bunch of professionals volunteering their time and energies to make the idea a reality, that the whole buzz around the site is extraordinary. I honestly cant remember the last time I came across such a positive creative vibe."

For a one-off handling fee of $100, IndieFilmWeb.com is offering filmmakers a package of services including:

  • Free Encoding (from Beta SP, DV or VHS) to Apple Quicktime 4.2.
  • Free streaming for 12 months on the world wide web @ IndieFilmWeb.com.
  • Free personal EMAIL address @ IndieFilmWeb.com.
  • Free information WEB-PAGE for the project @ IndieFilmWeb.com.
  • Free access to the Chat Club @ IndieFilmWeb.com
  • Free access to the Notice Board @ IndieFilmWeb.com

In a joint initiative with Urban Cinefile, IndieFilmWeb.com will waive the fee for the first 25 entrants: see the WEBSITE for more info, or email your entry directly to info@indiweb.com - and an agreement will be sent to you for your perusal. (To be eligible for the free offer, write 'Urban Cinefile Entry' in the Subject field.)

Fuelled by enthusiasm and motivated by altruism as much as self-interest, IndieFilmWeb is one of several 'grass roots' born screen culture initiatives that are evidence - collectively - of a community-wide fascination for filmmaking. These range from the well established (but still grass roots) Tropfest, through to the 1999-launched Popcorn Taxi in Sydney and shortly in Melbourne (weekly screenings and workshops and interviews) and micro-cienmas like Side On.

IndieFilmWeb, though, is different in that it is aimed squarely at marketing the films and the filmmakers, not just showing them.

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IndieFilmWeb - Abridged Mission Statement:

"The first and only web-site of its kind in Australia, IndieFilmWeb.com has changed completely the paradigm popularised by mainstream American streaming film sites. Only at IndieFilmWeb.com does the artist retain 100% copyright over their work. Only at IndieFilmWeb.com does the artist retain complete control over how their work is actually marketed. And only at IndieFilmWeb.com does the artist get a free email address and web-page to help market their last work, their current work and themselves to an audience of millions - on the world wide web."


Brian M. Logan - Founder & CEO
Capacity Media - Technical Support Team
Konrad Skirlis - Music Editor
Gavin Longhurst - Animation Editor
Patrick Donohoe - Creative Consultant
Julie Green - Marketing Manager
Tenille Johnson - Internet Researcher / Media Liaison Officer
Susan Tregarthen - Events Manager
Penelope Jayne - Stills Photographer

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