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Hard living working class New Zealand couple Mickey and Louise Savage (Nicholas Eadie and Perry Piercy) need a break - a second honeymoon. They've survived two teenage kids who are just like their parents - wild. And Mum lives with them too. Getting away sounds like a good idea - especially as the police are after them and there are issues to resolve. Besides, romance is one of the important factors in their relationship. Where better than their favourite seaside spot, a familiar caravan park where they have been holidaying year after year? But Mickey and Louise haven't bargained for the fact that their mate has sold the caravan park, and the new owner has new rules. Besides, they weren't expecting the kids and Mum to come along…

"Full of bravado and brio and bravura and broth, Savage Honeymoon is a deceptively entertaining film - deceptive because it covers a lot more territory than its laughs may suggest. The laughs, in fact, come from the pain of truth. The story of the Savage family - a clever use of irony in the nomenclature - is an explosion of colour and a celebration of humanity. The film delves into social, sexual, racial and cultural conflicts/relationships through the window of a long term marriage seemingly on the edge of collapse. But the film's strength is its ability to skirt round predictability and deliver the complexity of reality. (Sorry 'bout that sentence…) Despite its sharpness, Savage Honeymoon is also gentle - it never condescends but often questions; it never betrays its love of the working class, but never fails to affirm its humanity for all. The script zings with observation, the performances sing with reality and the direction hums with excitement; it makes you wish you could join the Savages for their second honeymoon. As the director said when introducing the film at the Noosa Film Festival screening, "after the film you'll want to have a drink and a root." In other words, it'll make you feel you're alive. I can live with that."
Andrew L. Urban

"Brimming with balls and ballast, Savage Honeymoon is brash, full-on and overflowing with heart. Take the title - what extraordinary images do we conjure up! Isn't 'savage' the total antithesis of what a honeymoon represents? That's what I like most about the film - the contradictory, unpredictable nature of the characters and their actions. The calmest you'll see the Savages is when they're asleep. And they don't seem to sleep much. Decked out in black leather with booze and broom-broom bikes, they're wild and out of control. Have booze, have hot goods, will travel. After all, a good time is portable, and life's an adventure with romance an essential ingredient. If you have problems with your teenagers, your mother or your wife, you'll get off on Savage Honeymoon, an energetic, fun-filled romp that embraces the punches. All the performances are terrific; Nicholas Eadie lovable as Mickey Savage, Theresa Healey riveting as Louise. If the Addams Family's Morticia appeals to you as a bizarre character, you'll welcome Louise… She's a hot-blooded gal with a mind of her own, who's prepared to turn the world upside down on a whim. It's black, funny and way over the limit. The drinking man may drool at Mickey's car bar, the gatecrasher can learn tips how to stay at a party where you're not wanted. And there's a small lesson to be had if you want to pierce your nipple. But beneath the bravado, the hearts are of solid gold; the message of family values is stamped loud and clear. Raunchy and sentimental in a no-frills way, Savage Honeymoon is a blast of a frolic that guarantees a wicked, wicked time."
Louise Keller

Publication Date: November 9 2000

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CAST: Nicholas Eadie, Theresa Healey, Ian Mune, Perry Piercy, Elizabeth Hawthorne, Sophia Hawthorne,
DIRECTOR: Mark Beesley
PRODUCER: Steve Sachs
SCRIPT: Mark Beesley
EDITOR: Margot Francis
MUSIC: Dean Savage
RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes


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