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Hello Urban Cinefile
I was wondering when do u expect the Scream 1 DVD to be remade such that it'd be represented in 5.1 audio 16:9 widescreen and uncensored? I was personally very disgusted with the Scream 1 DVD it lacked all the features a DVD should've featured yet it didn't...

Leonard Yap

Louise replies: REP who distributed Scream 1, has advised that the revised DVD (now available in US) will be available in Australia in the second half of 2001. If you are unable to wait for the Australian release, you should be able to purchase it online through one of the American DVD sites. The Scream box set that is now available comprises the original DVD release of Scream 1, 2, 3 and the special features disc.


ok, ok. What has happened to the Exorcist 2000? By the time it is released it will be called Exorcist 2005! Do you know the new release date (since Warner seems to change it every week)
Gary David

Ed: Currently set for March 15 - but that's a dozen potential changes away yet!


I would like to comment on the letter dated 9/11/2000 titled BOX OFFICE & GST. In the answer you gave you stated that the average ticket price pre GST was $7.28 and I have seen some figures from USA saying their average is $5

What I would like to know is how is this possible; even in the halycon days before GST the cheapest ticket was approx $7.50 for concessions. Also, I don't know about everyone else but the days of myself and the missus off to a movie and buying popcorn drinks and icecreams are over. Now I plan ahead and stop at a deli or supermarket and get the equivalent for at least half the price. In the days when ticket prices are increasing there has been a noticeable trend to "downsizing" the popcorn buckets or making them so you have to turn down the top which means less nosh for the punter. It would now cost me over $40 for some lollies and 2 movie tickets which is not a viable economic entertainment option for 1.5 to 2 hours of movie (not including ads).

I take offence at this. Surely if they took the approach (and perhaps it only takes one to do it, or maybe I am a little naive here), that less is more, they would find more people buying more at their "candy bar" for less dollars, but keeping the punters happier which is the name of the game in business. It won't be too long before the DVD revolution starts to impact and what cinemas have to do is protect their investment and keep us happy, something I believe they are not doing.

I love my movies, I love the whole experience and I get mightily p*ssed off when I am insulted by cinemas that believe I am too stupid to notice the prices or sizes have changed without any increase in service, including having one or two people at the boxoffice instead of 4 or 5 and huge queues with bad prints. We even have to make do with the "Americanisation" of our
trailers. These days I have to hide when they come on because inevitably in that American drawl or hushed excitedness I am shown and tells the entire plot or all the best scenes/gags of a movie. I want to be teased not have it shoved down my throat.

Where are the days of the 10 or 15 minute short movie, which supports the local industry which supports the up and coming filmakers and thus supports the movie chains in the long run.

There is more to providing a service to customers than bigger and more screens and louder movies.

OK, enough whinging, I love your site and you deserved to win the internet award!
Trevor O'Sullivan, Perth

Editor’s comment: We invite cinema operators (chains and independents) to respond to Trevor. As for the Internet Awards, thanks for the vote of confidence!

I enjoy reading all the info about the various movies and reviews which you send to me; can someone please tell me where I could purchase some of the old time classics movies which I want to add to my collection, I have a VHS machine and I have recently purchased a DVD player, looking forward to info from your members.
Regards have a good day.

Gordon Voller

Louise replies: Warner Home Video has just released some of the all time classic movies such as Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Ben Hur. These are available to purchase from K-Mart, Target, David Jones and Grace Bros. As for DVDs, have a look at the DVDUsergroup.com.au site for a complete list of DVDs available in Australia.

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