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Adam Gibson (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a decorated fighter pilot and old fashioned family man whose life (and wife) is thrown into chaotic danger when he discovers he’s been cloned. By mistake . . . The billionaire behind human cloning, Michael Drucker (Tony Goldwyn) sends his top thugs Marshall (Michael Rooker) and Talia (Sarah Wynter) to find him. They, too, are clones of their former selves, examples of how cloning can get out of hand.

"To clone or not to clone, that is the question in The 6th Day, a futuristic action spectacular with not one, but two Arnies. So if you're a fan of the square jawed Ken doll with pecs and charming accent, you'll be doubly impressed. Set in an age when the fridge tells you to stock up ‘cause you're just about to run out of milk, you can drive your car or plane by remote control and hey, you never need worry that your precious pet might hit the dust - Repet's the way for cloning today - society's woes are somewhat different. Originals are hard to come by and in this world of selective morality, playing God and creating tailor made people in just two hours for 1.2 million dollars each is par for the course. Like Arnie, the stunts are big – buildings explode, glass shatters, water falls and flying machines provide thrilling chases through striking snowy canyons and vistas. It's stylish, high tech and action all the way. The premise takes a whiff of Total Recall and like Bicentennial Man, the film touches on the true meaning of humanity. But it's mostly predictable Hollywood action with a trite script whose lines like 'Try staying dead next time' emphasise the plastic nature of the characters. But after all, they are mostly clones, so plastic is on the cards. Arnie is – well – Arnie, and while we are told he does all his stunts (and they are convincing), his performance lacks the depth shown in his last outing End of Days. Will his next film be titled The First Day, I wonder? Sarah Wynter looks abfab in her blue wig as she scowls a lot, kicks butt and is chronically aggressive, but there's not much opportunity to show much else. Robert Duvall adds credibility – his and Wendy Crewson's characters are the only ones that are real. Visually striking, The 6th Day impresses with its superb production design and dazzling non-stop action, even though it's too long, too shallow and often too loud. But if big bangs is what you're after, this is definitely the ticket."
Louise Keller

"Arnie is getting too predictable in these gimmicky films, and he’s letting weak wisecracks into his dialogue. Lines that he once cracked in the line of superhero duty are now refashioned and regurgitated: it’s not the same. And let’s face it, without those lines, his films (Terminator 1 & 2 hotly excepted. Indeed, you might be forgiven for thinking that writers Mr & Mrs Wibberley have taken the replicating baddie of T2 and reinvented it as the multi-clonable baddie. . .) are not for grown ups. This one isn’t, and not because the subject is slight. Human cloning is a powerful subject: indeed, this film is high concept, high impact, high budget, high risk – and loud. In these respects it fully achieves its objectives for a target audience of young men (and probably some women) who get a kick out of the gizmos, gangbuster fight scenes, seriously slash and burn stunts and the fun of two Arnies, often working in the same scenes, in the one movie. And yes, the effects are fabulous, the adrenaline factor is high and the weaponry intriguing. And then there’s the new anti-violence parent Arnie, who explains to two baddies that he won’t shoot them dead in front of his little girl. You gotta admire the intention, even if you question the method. I have much admiration for Arnie’s talents, his humanity, humour and the brains he keeps all too hidden from his fans. But these days (The 6th Day and End of Days) are not his best work."
Andrew L. Urban







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CAST: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Rapaport, Tony Goldwyn and Sarah Wynter

DIRECTOR: Roger Spottiswoode

PRODUCER: Jon Davison, Mike Medavoy, Arnold Schwarzenegger

SCRIPT: Cormac Wibberley and Marianne Wibberley


EDITOR: Michel Arcand, Mark Conte, Dominique Fortin

MUSIC: Trevor Rabin, Michael Wandmacher (songs)

PRODUCTION DESIGN: James D. Bissell, John Willett

RUNNING TIME: 123 minutes


AUSTRALIAN RELEASE: January 18, 2001

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