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When 7-year old Anabel Greening (Mara Wilson) wishes for a fairy godmother to help her father (Robert Pastorelli) fulfil his dream of becoming a Broadway actor, what she gets is an inept spellcaster named Murray (Martin Short), the world’s first affirmative action-mandated male practitioner. Things get off to a rocky start when the well intentioned Murray casts a spell which transforms Anabel’s dad into a stone. The mayhem continues with the unexpected arrival of the evil fairy godmother Claudia (Kathleen Turner), accompanied by her sidekick - formerly her dog - Boots (Amanda Plummer) who wants to dominate the world’s wishes by stealing the magic wands from all other fairy godmothers. It’s up to Annabel and the bumbling Murray to win back the wands, rescue Anabel’s dad and restore the world to a place where a simple wish might just come true.

"The kids' genre is a difficult one, and critics are all too willing to dismiss the kids' film unless it's a pre-packaged Disney cartoon. A Simple Wish is a far better film than appears on the surface, not perfect by any means, but clever and hilarious in spots.

Short is a clever comedian, a deft actor who uses both physical and verbal comedy quite nicely. Here, as a bumbling fairy godmother, Short is in his element and works some nice comic magic. Kathleen Turner, who appears all too infrequently, has some really beautiful moments, and she's in perfect company with the remarkable Amanda Plummer as her dim sidekick, formerly a dog.

Child actress Mara Wilson is a delight as usual, and watch out for the 60-foot rabbit sequence, which has to be one of the funniest sequences of the year. Kids will find Simple Wish beguiling enough, but adults should find plenty to keep them amused as well."
Paul Fischer

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CAST: Martin Short, Kathleen Turner, Mara Wilson, Robert Pastorelli, Amanda Plummer, Francis Capra, Ruby Dee, Teri Garr, Alan Campbell, Jonathan Hadary, Deborah Odell

DIRECTOR: Michael Ritchie

PRODUCER: Sill, Bill and Jon Sheinberg

SCRIPT: Jeff Rothberg


EDITOR: William Scharf

MUSIC: Bruce Broughton

PRODUCTION DESIGN: Stephen Hendrickson

RUNNING TIME: 104 minutes


AUSTRALIAN RELEASE: September 18, 1997 -Melbourne and Brisbane; Sept 25 - Sydney/Adelaide/Perth

Video Release: Jan 25, 1999
Video Distributor: CIC Video

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