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Twelve year old Ryan Mitchell (Blake Foster) is fed up with being told what to do. One day, he and his best friends Twinkie (Michael Purvis) and Stu (Anton Tenet) come across a wishing glass hidden in an Indian burial ground and Ryan wishes that all adults and teenagers disappeared from the planet. Much to his amazement, his wish comes true, but things begin to go wrong and he realises that as his friends turn 13, they too are disappearing. And that includes the girl of his dreams Holly (Anna Wilson). Perhaps local crazy guy Leo (Christopher Lloyd) can help. Whatís he doing in Kids World anyway?†

Review by Louise Keller:
Itís refreshing to see a film where kids actually behave like kids. In fact Kids World is somewhat of an old fashioned film, in that it relies on its storyline and engaging performances by a terrific young cast. A bright, colourful adventure for the under 12 set, Kidís World is an enjoyable fun fantasy jam packed with humour, action and enough twists and turns to keep us engaged. Itís fast paced with an outstanding up-beat music score.†

When we first meet Ryan (Blake Foster, terrific) at home, itís clear to see eating all his beans and wearing his bike helmet are not on his priority list. The relationships are well established Ė both at home and with his peers, and by the time the boys discover the magic wishing glass, itís not hard to understand why Ryan is keen to discover a world without adults. There are some fun moments as the boys indulge in as much ice cream, hamburgers and cream cakes as they like, and itís cool to stay up all night, play spin the bottle and have sleep-overs when they like. Itís also easy to impress your girl with Dadís convertible Ė even if you need your friend to operate the pedals, cause your own legs donít reach! Some of the filmís funniest moments occur when the family golden retriever Ďretrievesí the wishing glass and makes a couple of wishes of his own with hilarious results.†

All the performances are excellent and Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) makes his crazy Leo so credible, that he easily fits in with the rest of the kids, as well as delivers a couple of poignant moments. The story evolves naturally and by the time neighbourhood bully Detloff (Todd Emerson) uses the wishing glass as an evil force, the morals of the story become clear. From its playful animated opening credits to the storyís satisfying resolution, Kids World is good escapist entertainment for the whole family.

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CAST: Christopher Lloyd, Blake Foster, Michael Purvis, Anton Tennet, Todd Emerson

PRODUCER: L. Grant Bradley, Tom Taylor

DIRECTOR: Dale G. Bradley

SCRIPT: Michael Lach


EDITOR: Douglas Braddock

MUSIC: Bruce Lynch


RUNNING TIME: 92 minutes


AUSTRALIAN RELEASE: Sydney: August 8, 2002 (other states to follow)

VIDEO DISTRIBUTOR: Force Entertainment

VIDEO RELEASE: March 22, 2005

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