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The movie-going public voting for the If Awards agree with the professional critics, nominating Gettin’ Square, Japanese Story and Swimming Upstream for Best Film this year, also agreeing on three directors – one of whom, Rolf de Heer, is nominated even though his film Alexandra’s Project didn’t make the If Awards Best Film list, which only caters for three nominations per category.

Coming a week after the critics’ awards (Film Critics Circle of Australia), the If Awards nominations will soon be followed by the AFI Awards nominations in this pre-Christmas film award season. 

In the IF voting system, which does not rely on volume of votes but on a ranking for each film, films which have had limited box office appeal can still score higher in the IF voting system. (For example, in last year’s awards, Rabbit Proof Fence was not nominated for a Best Film Award, even though it had been the most popular Australian at the box office.)

The If Awards will be presented on November 12 at Wharf 8, Pyrmont, Sydney, and will be telecast on SBS at 8.30, hosted by Deborah Mailman, with two delayed telecasts on Showtime, principal sponsor of the awards.

Best Feature Film
Gettin’ Square
Japanese Story
Swimming Upstream

Best Actress
Helen Buday for Alexandra’s Project
Toni Collette for Japanese Story
Judy Davis for Swimming Upstream

Best Actor
Geoffrey Rush for Swimming Upstream
Gotaro Tsunashima for Japanese Story
David Wenham for Gettin’ Square

Best Direction
Sue Brooks for Japanese Story
Rolf de Heer for Alexandra’s Project
Jonathan Teplitzky for Gettin’ Square

Best Script
Tony McNamara for The Rage in Placid Lake
Chris Nyst for Gettin’ Square
Alison Tilson for Japanese Story

Best Cinematography
Ian Baker for Japanese Story
Garry Phillips for Gettin’ Square
Oliver Stapleton for Ned Kelly

Best Editing
Jill Bilcock for Japanese Story
Marcus D’Arcy for Swimming Upstream
Ken Sallows ASE for Gettin’ Square

Best Production Design
Roger Ford for Swimming Upstream
Roger Ford and Kerrie Brown for The Rage in Placid Lake
Steven Jones-Evans for Ned Kelly

Best Sound
James Currie, Andrew Plain, Nada Mikas for Alexandra’s Project
John Schiefelbein, Antony Gray, Ian McLoughlin for Gettin’ Square
John Willsteed, Andrew Beetty, Robert Sullivan for The Rage in Placid Lake

Best Music
Elizabeth Drake for Japanese Story
Andrew Lancaster, David McCormack, Anthony Partos for Garage Days
Chit Chat Von Loopin Stab, 3K Short from Machine Gun Fellatio for Gettin’ Square

Independent Spirit Award
Emma Crimmings for man Made
Khoa Do for The Finished People
Cathy Henkel for The Man Who Stole My Mother’s Face
Peter & Michael Spierig for Undead

Best Animation
Cane Toad
The Projectionist
Ward 13

Best Short Film
Cracker Bag
Martha’s New Coat
Roy Hollsdotter Live

Published October 14, 2003

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Swimming Upstream

Gettin' Square

Japanese Story


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