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"Standing in his underpants in his kitchen, he rang film sales co Wild Bunch; I just said I've got this idea for a doco about me trying to find Osama bin Laden. "  -Morgan Spurlock, maker of Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden
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24/2/2005: In the past eight years, Urban Cinefile has maintained its core promise to readers in publishing a specialised but broad-appeal weekly movie magazine, syndicated much of its content to major internet outlets, expanded into television - and most recently became involved in the digital distribution of films, writes founding Editor Andrew L. Urban.

The very few of us (especially in Australia) who run a publishing business on the internet celebrate each other’s success with the knowing sincerity that comes from understanding how hard it is. But the satisfaction factor is high; we take pride in being online publishing pioneers. My partner and co-founder Louise Keller and I are specially proud of our role in publishing a broadly targeted magazine that reaches around the world, covering films and filmmaking from an Australian perspective. In the past eight years we’ve published Urban Cinefile for our own readers (15,000 of whom receive our weekly newsletter) and we have also syndicated our reviews and other articles to a number of internet organisations including, at one time or another: AOL, Excite, Looksmart, Optus, Telstra and Yahoo, as well as to mobile phones and other wireless applications. 

In September 2004, we expanded into broadcasting by taking our movie reviews onto television, with Movies This Week, which is syndicated to the two premier arts & movies channels on cable: Ovation and World Movies.

In October 2004 we expanded further, this time into a new role with the digital distribution of films, becoming acquisition agents for CineClix.com, helping Australian filmmakers exploit this rapidly growing global outlet. With the expansion of broadband well under way in Australia – and even further ahead in other parts of the world – and the explosion in digital outlets elsewhere, this activity is certain to give us lots more work in the coming years. We are delighted that we can play a part in finding new audiences for Australian films. 

We thank our loyal Gold subscribers, our readers around Australia and around the world, our valued syndication clients and the managements of both Ovation and World Movies channels for their faith in our production. We also thank our loyal team of contributors here and overseas who help bear the workload as they add their personal styles to our reviews and other articles.

Published February 24, 2005

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Andrew L. Urban and Louise Keller

Photo courtesy Ovation

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