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"They gave me the script, which I read and didn't respond to; I didn't want to do it. It was that simple. "  -Keanu Reeves on Speed 2
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A gun blast, a flash of light, and a young woman awakens to the comfort of her own bed. Bonnie Clayton has it all, a great relationship, a challenging career, and the burden of a dream that grows more vivid and disturbing with each passing night. But when Bonnie is abducted by a sadistic stranger and his colorful entourage, she discovers that the key to her survival lies within the familiar realms of her recurring dream.

Review by Andrew L. Urban:
Stylish, noirish and edgy, Broken engages from the start; a wheelchair bound, lightly clad and gagged young female - surely one of the most effective images of vulnerability - is wheeled into a dark basement peopled by menacing men .... and one other, predatory female. The mood, propped up by the grunty score, is full of menace, as her tormentors, led by a mouth organ playing joker, destabilise her (and us) in what appears to be a planned but botched kidnapping. Never mind, now she's here, they may as well kill her ...

Tension is well maintained in this often inventive short thriller, and the payoff twist is as unexpected as it is disturbing. Performances are well controlled and the action scenes near the end are surprisingly sophisticated. Visual effects shots included, Broken is a terrific calling card for Ferrari. If this is what he can do for $8,000, he has a Robert Rordriguez-style future ahead of him.

The DVD also contains six commentary tracks and lots of DIY style info for low budget filmmaking. (Available online at www.enigmafactory.com)

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(US, 2005)

CAST: Samantha Jay Polay, Paul Gordon, Amber Crawford, Derek Evans, Tony Gomez, Jose Luis Navas, Danilo Begovic

PRODUCER: Jorge F. Rodriguez

DIRECTOR: Alex Ferrari

SCRIPT: Alex Ferrari


EDITOR: Alex Ferrari

MUSIC: Mark Roumelis

PRODUCTION DESIGN: Alex Ferrari, Jorge F. Rodriguez

RUNNING TIME: 20 minutes

PRESENTATION: Widescreen; DD 5.1

SPECIAL FEATURES: Commentary tracks (6) including directing, producing, etc; How to make DV look like film; colour correction lab; how to get pro looking guns; evolution of an action sequence; visual effects breakdown; anatomy of a stunt; SFX make up breakdowns; marketing a short film

DVD DISTRIBUTOR: www.enigmafactory.com

DVD RELEASE: September 16, 2005

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