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Of the publicly scored categories in this year’s IF Awards, only the Best Direction category has four nominees: the three directors of the films nominated for Best Feature – Little Fish, Look Both Ways, The Proposition - plus Greg McLean, whose debut feature Wolf Creek, scored only two other nominations: cinematography and production design.

The reason for the extra nomination is that two directors were tied in the scores count, but IF Awards General Manager Angie Fielder won’t reveal which two.

Wolf Creek and The Proposition were released on October 6, three days after the close of scoring for IF Awards, but, according to Fielder, there were opportunities for the public to see the films at sneak previews held on that weekend. Both films were also screened for AFI members for voting purposes, and Wolf Creek was screened at the Melbourne Film Festival.

Some 19,000 scores were recorded for feature films by the IF Awards, out of a total of 42,000 scores lodged. (Each voter may enter several scores across various films.)


SHOWTIME IF Award for Best Feature Film:
• Little Fish
Director Rowan Woods. Producers Liz Watts, Vincent Sheehan and Richard Keddie
• Look Both Ways
Director Sarah Watt. Producer Bridget Ikin
• The Proposition
Director John Hillcoat. Producers Chris Brown, Jackie O’Sullivan, Chiara Menage and Cat Villiers

InStyle IF Award for Best Actress:
• Little Fish – Cate Blanchett
• Look Both Ways – Justine Clarke
• The Proposition – Emily Watson

SBS IF Award for Best Actor:
• Little Fish – Hugo Weaving
• The Magician – Scott Ryan
• The Proposition – Guy Pearce

Animal Logic IF Award for Best Direction:
• Little Fish – Rowan Woods
• Look Both Ways – Sarah Watt
• The Proposition – John Hillcoat
• Wolf Creek – Greg Mclean

Australian Film Commission IF Award for Best Script:
• Little Fish – Jacquelin Perske
• Look Both Ways – Sarah Watt
• The Proposition – Nick Cave

Kodak IF Award for Best Cinematography:
• Oyster Farmer – Alun Bollinger
• The Proposition – Benoit Delhomme
• Wolf Creek – Will Gibson

Inside Film magazine IF Award for Best Editing:
• Little Fish – Alexandre de Franceschi and John Scott
• Look Both Ways – Denise Haratzis
• The Proposition – Jon Gregory

The LaB Sydney IF Award for Best Production Design:
• Oyster Farmer – Steven Jones-Evans
• The Proposition – Chris Kennedy
• Wolf Creek – Robert Webb

Zig Zag Lane IF Award for Best Sound:
• Little Fish – Sam Petty
• Look Both Ways – Toivo Lember, Andrew Plain and Pete Smith
• Wolf Creek – Pete Best, Pete Smith and Francois Tetaz

Moneypenny IF Award for Best Music:
• Little Fish – Nathan Larson
• Look Both Ways– Denise Haratzis and Amanda Brown
• The Proposition – Warren Ellis and Nick Cave

Glenfiddich Independent Spirit IF Award:

• Blacktown – Kriv Stenders, Tony Ryan, Niki Owen and Gabriella Muir
• In The Shadow of the Palms – Wayne Coles-Janess
• The Magician – Scott Ryan, Michele Bennett and Nash Edgerton

Gray & Perkins Lawyers IF Award for Best Short Film:
• Greenbush
Writer/Director Warwick Thornton. Producer Kath Shelper
• Jewboy
Director Tony Krawitz. Producers Liz Watts and Libby Sharpe
• Out On The Tiles
Writer/Director Alex Holmes. Producer Rosie Travers

Digital Pictures IF Award for Best Animation:

• After Dolly
Animator/Producer Mick Elliott
• Medusa – First Date
Director Pierce Davison. Producer Jacob Fjord
• The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello
Director and Co-Producer Anthony Lucas. Producers Julia Lucas, Susie Campbell and Mark Shirrefs

Animal Planet IF Award for Best Short Documentary:
• Not In Front Of The Kids
Writer/Director/Producer Britt Arthur
• Sentences
Director Sascha Ettinger Epstein. Producer Marco Ianniello
• Wirriya: Small Boy
Writer/Director/Producer Beck Cole. Producer Citt Williams

Discovery Channel IF Award for Best Documentary:
• Girl In A Mirror
Writer/Director Kathy Drayton. Producer Helen Bowden
• In The Shadow of the Palms
Director/Producer Wayne Coles-Janess.
• Jabe Babe: A Heightened Life
Writer/Director Janet Merewether. Producers Deborah Szapiro and Georgia Wallace-Crabbe

Ztudio What IF? Award for Best Unproduced Screenplay:
• The Loved Ones – Sean Byrne
• All Flesh Must Be Eaten: The Movie– Ben C. Lucas and Anthony Vercoe
• Mozart Maulers – Dorian Mode and Richard Sutherlin
• The First – Byron Stone and Scott Spaulding

Published October 20, 2005

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Little Fish d. Rowan Woods


Look Both Ways d. Sarah Watt

The Proposition d. John Hillcoat

Greg McLean, Wolf Creek

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