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By coincidence, Melbourne based composer Cezary Skubiszewski had two compositions to work on back to back both with dance elements when he composed the score for the new Australian drama The Book of Revelation, about a dancer (Tom Long) kidnapped by three women, directed by Ana Kokkinos,. The other was a set of eight dance pieces for Catherine Zeta Jones in the upcoming Gillian Armstrong drama about Harry Houdini, Death Defying Acts, which also stars Guy Pearce.

Commissioned by The Book of Revelation producer Al Clark to write the score for the film, Skubiszewski says “I feel privileged to have worked on this film. From the moment I started work on it I knew it was something of very high quality.” He says he quickly came to an agreed approach with director Ana Kokkinos, and the result is a rich, multi-layered score comprising edgy contemporary classical with jazz and some Middle Eastern elements. The soundtrack is released this week on Origin Recordings.

“I was always looking for the contrast,” says Skubiszewski, who wrote much of the score for a 12 piece band including a string quartet and three female voices. “I liked writing the dance sequences – it was fun,” says the multi-awarded composer, who also enjoyed writing dance routines for Bootmen, starring Adam Garcia.

“Although The Book of Revelation is a hard film in many respects, creatively it came together pretty quickly for me. The material inspired me and I worked very closely with Ana…” He says the music reflects the way he responded to the film: With this film it’s hardly necessary to reinforce what’s happening on the screen,” he adds.

Skubiszewski has already completed the dance sequences for Zeta Jones, and has seen footage of her rehearsing the routines. “That was a lot of pressure but I like that sometimes…” He completed one sequence every day for eight days.

Skubiszewski’s feature film credits include Lilian’s Story, The Sound of One Hand Clapping, Two Hands, The Wog Boy, Bootmen, La Spagnola, and The Rage in Placid Lake.

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Cezary Skubiszewski

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