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Jim Jarmusch shares programming with Jackie Chan on World Movies in October, a typical example of the diversity that characterizes this subscription tv service, which offers viewers a menu of movies that’s always engaging, says (unbiased) Channel Host Andrew L. Urban.

If it’s October it must be Jim Jarmusch … five films (three of them premieres) from this acclaimed and unique art-house director are slotted into the World Movies schedule: Permanent Vacation (October 5, 8.30pm); Down By Law (October 12 at 8.30pm); Mystery Train (October 19, 8.30pm), Night On Earth (October 19 at 10.20pm) and Dead Man (October 26 at 8.30pm).

By way of contrast, Kicks And Hijinks; A Jackie Chan Marathon (October 2) is a showcase of six back-to-back films, in tribute to the true master of Kung fu and martial arts action. The marathon begins at 12pm with Hand Of Death followed by The Protector, Project A and Project A Part 2, City Hunter and finishes with New Police Story, at 8.30pm. Other highlights for the month include:

October 1, 8.30pm
ZOZO (2005) Sweden (in Arabic, Swedish)

Directed by: Josef Fares
Starring: Imad Creidi, Carmen Lebbos
Inspired by talented director Josef Fares’ own childhood, Zozo is a timely and moving drama about exploring the difficulties of fitting into a new culture for a young boy. When his parents are killed in civil war torn Beirut on the very day they are about to migrate to Sweden to join his grandparents Zozo is forced to make it alone. As he struggles to fit in with his new schoolmates he relies on his active imagination to get him through, including befriending a chicken that he believes talks to him. Imad Creidi gives a convincing and moving performance in this affecting, heart-felt drama. The film was Sweden’s official entry in the 2005 Academy Awards® Best Foreign Language Film category.

October 8, 8.30pm
20:30:40 (2003) China/Taiwan (in Mandarin)

Directed by: Sylvia Chang
Staring: Sylvia Chang, Rene Liu, Angelica Lee
Set in modern day Taipei 20:30:40 is a multi award nominated romantic comedy that captures the search for identity and romance through three women at different stages of their lives aged 20, 30 and 40 years-old. A gorgeous ensemble cast includes writer/director Sylvia Chang, who plays the 40 year-old newly divorced Lily returning to the dating scene; Rene Liu who plays the 30 year-old flight attendant Xiang whose love life is torn between her affair with a married man and a younger lover, and Angelica Lee playing the aspiring 20-something Malaysian pop singer who’s come to Taipei to progress her career. A strong cast delivers excellent performances in this touching, beautifully shot film about the search for identity, companionship and belonging.

October 15, 8.30pm
ALMOST BROTHERS (2004) Brazil/France/Chile (in Portuguese)

Directed by: Lúcia Murat
Starring: Caco Ciocler, Flavio Bauraqui, Werner Schünemann, Antônio Pompêo
Written and directed by Lúcia Murat, this impressive feature from journalist-turned-director is compassionate, engaging and stylishly shot. She tells the story of two boys who grow up as friends in the 50s but come from opposite sides of the Rio de Janeiro track: Jorge, a black kid from the slums and Miguel white and middle–class. After being imprisoned for ten years their friendship crumbles over conflicting ideals as Jorge is drawn into the vicious spiral of violence and drugs while Miguel rises to become a liberal politician. Two men who were almost brothers find themselves back on opposite sides of the track.

October 22, 8.30pm
THE SWAMP (2004) South Korea

Directed by: Yun Cheul Kim
Starring: Ji Young Park, Jin Geun Kim, Joo Hee Ha
Life seems perfect for devoted wife, mother and successful doctor Yoon Suh, until the shocking discovery of her husband’s affair with her best friend Chae Won. When her ill father is taken to hospital, Yoon Suh maintains a vigil at his bedside, but her husband is forced to relieve her as the strain becomes too much. Sneaking away from the hospital to be with his lover, the accidental death of Yoon Suh’s father leaves her husband to blame and in turn sets off a tragic chain of events. A fast-paced, thrilling plot twist will leave you surprised as Yoon Suh calculates her wicked revenge.

October 29, 8.30pm
SALAAM BOMBAY! (1988) USA (in Hindi, English)

Directed by: Mira Nair
Starring: Shafiq Syed, Hansa Vithal
While off on an errand to buy cigarettes 10 year-old Krishna is abandoned by the travelling circus he works for. With no home and no money he decides to go to Bombay hoping to make enough money to return to his village and his mother. He works and lives on Bombay’s streets, learning survival tactics in a world full of thieves, prostitutes, cheats and drugs. When Krishna’s savings are stolen from him he is forced to resort to crime, and left wondering if this could have been an easier avenue from the beginning. The streets are not without hope and Krishna makes some friends along the way, adopting a street-smart façade to protect the vulnerable child within. Salaam Bombay! was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar at the 1988 Academy Awards®, won the Camera d’Or in Cannes as best first feature, and went on to win 25 other awards.

Published September 28, 2006

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