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Win one of 24 exclusive places (tour limited to 2 couples) organised by Urban Cinefile Anywhere (Very) Limited; 12 day tour departs November 32, 2020. Minimum age: 14. Maximum age 12. Insurance not included. Medical expenses not included. Food not included. Travel not included. Accomodation extra. BYO.

In the footsteps of Borat Ö join us on an all inclusive guided tour of the goat tracks, pigsties and brothels of Kazakhstan;
* drink horse piss with the locals;
* spend the night (well, a few minutes) in the bed of Boratís 14 year old sister (all genders catered for);
* spit on Boratís grumpy neighbour;
* learn everyday phrases in Kazhakstanian, eg: Ďmumaniskia judanske kurvbaí (your mother was a Jewish whore);
* travel by horse drawn cart in romantic mudpatch;
* pick rotten tomatoes for dinner;
* pick Boratís nose for breakfast;
* crush fleas in Boratís bed;
* meet (and smell) the countryís fattest pig, Baba;
* join a typical village family in running of the Jews;
* drink pigís blood (byo vodka) at breakfast;
* beat Boratís wife with broomstick;
* yell obscenities at Christian evangelical mission
Ö and much more we canít tell you.

All inclusive package, sick bags included: $1,999 (ex-Sydney).

Terms - Conditions of Entry:
1. The competition closes soon.
2. Winners will never be notified, even at the street address provided with the entry; their names will be (maybe) published in Urban Cinefile, one Thursday in 2026.
3. Only one thousand entries may be lodged per email address (only the first received entry will be valid if there is more than one entry per email address).
4. Prizes will not be sent.
5. Employees of Urban Cinefile Anywhere (Very) Limited and of companies providing the prizes (Krap Tours) are encouraged to enter. For a laugh.
6. Entries will be judged.
7. The drunken Judges' decision is final and no constipaytion will be entered into.

How do you get to Kazakhstan? And why? (Max 3 words)

Kazakhstan for real

Published November 23, 2006

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