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Thursday, May 24
By Jimmy Thomson

The big news today was the premiere of Oceans 13 with most of the cast turning up to give it a big Cannes boost. The movie is not half bad although it tends to overcomplicate the technical stuff in an often unnecessary stretch for plot logic (which it then ignores in a stretch for humour). But it all hangs together in what has become the trademark of the ultimate caper movie. Coverage of today’s press conference is slightly truncated because the organisers spontaneously decided to start early, just to exacerbate the problem of not enough seats or monitors to service the assembled journos. Even then, when you’ve got a bunch of high profile talents – whose combination works so well because they get on well together, it’s going to get slightly out of control at some point. Judge for yourself in the sound bites from the conference. The voices you will hear at various times are actors George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Andy Garcia, Ellen Barkin, Elliott Gould, Shaobo Quin, Scott Caan and Eddie Jemison with director Steven Soderbergh and producer Jerry Weintraub (who should know better than try to hog the microphone).


By the way, the festival was supposed to provide audio of all the press conferences to download free from the internet. Sadly this hasn’t happened – “technical problems” don’t you know. Of course, that would have meant less work for me but it would have been nice to have had the original clean audio as a back-up, given that there’s nowhere quiet to sit and record stuff and no chance of getting into the Press Conferences. Part of the problem is that many accredited journalists seem to be little more than fans with laptops, as you can tell when they storm the podium for autographs at the end of a press conference. Personally I’d pull their badges at the first sign of any fan-like behaviour. There was a time when no serious journalist would have been seen dead asking for a star’s autograph – now they want them to pose for pictures with them.


A snippet from one of the trade mags mentions a German film being made of the book Why Men Don’t Listen And Women Can’t Read Maps. I doubt very much if there are two books of that name which means “body language man”. Alan Pease and his wife Barbara are about to see their immense popularity in Europe translated to the silver screen.


A round-up of the parties gives the Golden Compass bash a thumbs down for being too nice but they loved the Butterfly And The Diving Bell party which had 250 butterflies fluttering over the bar. Last night also saw a cocktail party for the Melbourne Film Festival where all the Aussies gathered to share their war stories and tonight Julian (son of John) Lennon is hosting a charity auction for Greenpeace and to promote his movie (as producer), Whale Dreamers. More on that party, the movie and a special message from Julian, tomorrow.


Magazines like Variety and The Hollywood Reporter bring out special daily Cannes editions which are distributed free around the festival. And if you think Aussie critics can be harsh, read these opening paragraphs culled from magazines published in Cannes this week:
“If only the ravishing opening shot of Andrey Zvaginitsev’s ‘The Banishment’ was followed up with something genuinely profound, then disappointment wouldn’t be so palpable.”
“This is a film about a young man who wants to die – 10 minutes in, he wasn’t the only one.”
“The purposely overwrought, archly acerbic tone has drifted into facetiousness that combines with an ever more far-fetched plot to the point where the picture

I lied earlier this week when I said I hadn’t bumped into anyone famous. I keep seeing David Stratton around town. OK, he’s no George Clooney but he is on telly.

Wish you were here ...

Published May 25, 2007

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