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What appears to be another terrorist bomb threat in Washington, aimed it seems at the Federal Building, turns out to be something even worse than a crazed fanatic’s dream: someone is trying to cover up a virus so vicious, so fast and so impregnable that nothing can stop it annihilating the human race. FBI Special Agents Mulder (David Duschovny) and Scully (Gillian Andesron) are drawn into a dangerous, global web of intrigue as they try to track down not only the perpetrators and those who want it covered up, but also the deadly virus and its source. Mulder recognises that alien sources could be responsible, and Scully’s medical expertise determines that something new is invading humans. Mulder’s late father’s friend, Dr Kurtzweil (Martin landau) provides Mulder with some crucial information – endangering himself in the process. The agents have to brave the Arctic ice as well as the cold hearts of a conspiracy at the highest levels before they come face to face with the horrendous truth.

"The first thing to say is that you don’t have to be a paid up member of the X Files TV series viewing club to get a bang for your buck with this movie. It may help a tad to have seen one teensy weensy episode, but the film’s plot line is not entirely dependent on that. Those who follow – or indeed are merely familiar with - Mulder, Scully, The Cigarette Smoking Man et al, will not be swayed by anything I say, so this is aimed at those who are curious about the X Files being on the big screen. And it is a BIG screen. And BIG sound, sometimes a bit too big, as if the louder the noise, the more effective the impact. It’s also a BIG story concept, but then we are always talking in galactic proportions in this world, so everything is relative. The actors take the enlargement from lounge room to auditorium in their stride, the action is engrossing and the script only sometimes silly. Or too clever for its own good; or too glib with events, like when a young boy disappears down a hole at the start of the film, rescuers going in after don’t come back – but the unconscious (and rather drastically altered) boy is taken to hospital. How did he get out? And why don’t we ever get to see – or at least glimpse for a second - the nasties that chase our heroes, especially in the climactic scenes? It’s all big noise and fudged images, frantic editing and musical alarums. Director Rob Bowman seems to have taken Alfred Hitchcock’s notions of suggestion being stronger than fully revealing a step too far."
Andrew L. Urban

"The extraordinary success of the X Files has no doubt been a combination of concept, script, characters and its stars, who have elicited a following of millions of television viewers each week. But you don’t need to be a follower to enjoy the movie - on the big or little screen. Like Superman and Batman before it, X Files, the mmovie, is big enough, bold enough and strong enough to stand on its own as a big screen adventure with compelling characters and an enigmatic script venturing into territories which fascinate, stimulate and entertain. Propelled by a simply marvellous score by Mark Snow, which encompasses the well known esoteric theme, as well as passages which are melodic, disturbing and enthralling, Chris Carter’s script brings together the successful yin/yan relationship of Scully and Mulder, as they banter in vast, impressive locations from barren desert to antarctic expanse. The settings are imposing, the stunts staggering, and the intrigue… well – intriguing. Experienced thesps like Martin Landau, Glenne Headley and Armin Mueller-Stahl are a welcome addition, grounding the proceedings in a stylish and classy way. Directed with pace, here is an adventure that combines elements of the extra-terrestrial with the great appeal of Anderson and Duchovny, who, within the well established characters of Scully and Mulder, are both excellent and complement each other beautifully. The hint of romance is enough to titillate, but not intrude on the plot, while the special effects and production design are shown to great advantage on the big screen with pounding digital sound, which is sharp. It may be a tad long, and yes there are a few gaps in the script, but it’s easy to jump aboard and venture into a world beyond, where questions of our origins and our future are interwoven with an adventure in which to escape for a couple of hours."
Louise Keller

"Unsuspecting non-fans of the cult TV series into joining the ranks of x-philes everywhere, is far more than that. Taken on its own level, X-Files, is an engrossing, intelligent and compelling drama, a fascinating study in the realities of paranoia, government conspiracies and the search for the truth. A detailed and complex work, brilliantly scripted by series creator Chris Carter, X-Files makes the transition to the big screen with its own air of cinematic depth. Visually, the film is astonishing, yet its clever visuals are never allowed to get in the way of the film's two marvellously etched protagonists. Mulder and Scully have been given intricate, big-screen treatment, and actors Duchovny and Anderson give wonderfully rich performances, far superior to what they are able to achieve on television. Though the film has a complex and involving plot, the relationship and psychological make up of the pair of FBI Agents, works so well, that for a mainstream Hollywood movie, complex characterisation is able to work hand-in-hand within a detailed narrative structure. Stunning to look at and genuinely chilling in what the film says and how it says it, X-Files is a major triumph, a highly intricate yet hypnotic science- fiction thriller that deserves to stand alone as a major film, rather than be associated with the baggage of a TV series. For fans and non-fans alike, X- Files is superb."
Paul Fischer

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CAST: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Martin Landau, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Blythe Danner, Mitch Pileggi, William B. Davis, John Neville, Terry O’Quinn, Jeffrey De Munn, Glenne Headly, Lucas Black

DIRECTOR: Rob Bowman

PRODUCER: Chris Carter, Danbiel Sackheim

SCRIPT: Chris Carter


EDITOR: Stephen Mark

MUSIC: Mark Snow

PRODUCTION DESIGN: Christopher Nowak

RUNNING TIME: 122 minutes



VIDEO RELEASE: August 11, 1999

VIDEO DISTRIBUTOR: Fox Home Entertainment

RRP: $24.95

The X-Files Movie Special Edition includes bonus materials such as:
* Additional footage deleted from the theatrical and rental versions
* Exclusive behind-the scenes interview with Chris Carter and Gillian Anderson
* Collector Card #2 - the second in a series of character puzzle cards

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