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When a secret government agency lets out a deadly virus causing the reanimation of the dead, the first place to get hit is Rhino's, a hot underground Nebraska strip club run by the nasty Ian Essko (Robert Englund). When stripper Kat (Jenna Jameson) is infected by an escaped soldier from the facility, she turns into a supernatural, flesh-eating zombie stripper - and her gothic and bloody new routine makes her the hit of the club. Soon her jealous colleagues want to get in on the act, and the boss sees big money in the new style attraction. But things soon get out of hand - and foot, and leg and head .....

Review by Andrew L. Urban:
A bravura opening establishes the film as something different in the zombie genre, picking us up out of our seats and setting us down some years from now amidst a world even madder than today. This time, the chemo virus being developed by the military is motivated by the fourth George W. Bush administration's desire for major world problems - because they're good for the economy.

This is not your average premise and it's a good starting point for the dark, sometimes satirical comedy to follow. Zombie horror is always dark, of course, but not always for the same reasons. Here the darkness comes from a sense of humour that adds layers to the standard zombie pre-sets.

There is an abundance of zombie action, tons of gyrating zombie stripping and a few laugh out loud lines. The make up grows increasingly manic and demented as the film wears on, and the mini subplots collect like pools of blood . . .

Jenna Jameson throws herself into the role with gleeful abandon, allowing herself to be mutilated and uglied down to great effect. Robert Englund is fiendish and cowardly by turns amidst the mayhem as the strip club owner, and the supports - especially the women - are magnificently over the top.

This is a film that avoids finesse and reason, plumps for sex and gore and resists logic or plot sanity. Jay Lee delivers what the genre fans want in bucket loads, with some spectacular head stunts, all ground together with a wicked sense of satire. It's ideal for the movie palate that has tasted flesh before . . .

Review by Louise Keller:
Here's a title that lives up to its expectations; Jay Lee's schlockingly funny horror flick is filled with inventive ideas and delivers in spades for fans of the genre. The premise is set up beautifully: it is George Bush's fourth Presidential term, Arnie is his VP and the Rolling Stones are still doing their thing, albeit in steel wheelchairs. The wars have spread everywhere and in a bid to find a formula to re-use the tissue of dead soldiers, scientific experimentation has gone catastrophically wrong.

Everyone is in on the joke as the infected soldier gets his teeth into the star of an illegal strip joint, played by porn star Jenna Jameson. Her Kat is a larger than life creation, bounding vivaciously through pole-dancing escapades involving breasts and blood, and infecting not only other dancers, but the enthusiasm of the audience. 'I've never felt more alive,' she says, dances voraciously, munching on zombie penises, as severed heads are brushed under the carpet. Robert Englund plays the opportunist strip joint owner with glee and I rather liked Jennifer Holland as Jessy, the new girl who plans to strip for the first time to help her Nanna afford her colostomy.

Some of the ideas are worthy of note - like the plan for the survivors to wear badges to show they are alive. The bare breasts are large, augmented and plentiful, as is the blood and gore on screen. It's high camp schlock-horror with a douche of satire; if zombie genre is your thing, there's splattering fun to be had with this.

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(US, 2008)

CAST: Jenna Jameson, Robert Englund, Roxy Saint, Joey Medina, Shamron Moore, Penny Drake, Jennifer Holland, John Hawkes, Jeanetta Sousa, Whitney Anderson, Carmit Levite, Tito Ortiz

PRODUCER: Andrew Golov, Angela Lee, Larry Schapiro




MUSIC: Billy White Acre


RUNNING TIME: 94 minutes


AUSTRALIAN RELEASE: August 14, 2008 (Sydney only at Greater Union Liverpool & George St)

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