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In its 9th year, the Italian Film Festival will screen 25 new films, representing the best in contemporary Italian cinema, plus a retrospective of 12 movies that provide a snapshot of some of Italy’s finest celluloid moments throughout the last four decades, and opening with Her Whole Life Ahead (Tutta La Vita Davanti) from director Paolo Virzi.

Hailed by international critics, Her Whole Life Ahead is a witty satire which takes a whimsical look at the lives, loves and struggles which beset the employees of an Italian call centre.

Italian heart-throbs Luigi Lo Cascio, Silvio Muccino and Kim Rossi Stuart will be joined on-screen by Margherita Buy, Jasmine Trinca, Valeria Golino, Fanny Ardant, Valentina Cervi and, the eternally alluring Monica Bellucci, who stars in the hotly anticipated drama Wild Blood (Sanguepazzo) from Best Of Youth director Marco Tullio Giordana.

The Retrospective will feature such cinematic gems as Federico Fellini’s Amacord (1974); Vittorio De Sica’s beloved comedy Marriage Italian-Style (1964); Maurio Bolognini’s The Lovers (1961); Francesco Rosi’s Three Brothers (1981); Pietro Germi’s Serafino (1969) and E.B. Clucher’s cult spaghetti-western They Call Me Trinity (1970).

2008 programme highlights include:
Days and Clouds (Giorno E Nuvole)
Director: Silvio Soldini
The day after a lavish birthday party, Elsa (Margherita Buy) discovers that her husband Michele (Antonio Albanese) hasn't worked in months. Soon, the altered circumstances begin to bite, causing a schism in the marriage, and further strain with their 20-year-old daughter.

Il Divo
Writer/Director: Paolo Sorrentino
This original and witty political opera looks at the life and longevity of eighty-nine year-old Giulio Andreotti, who has been Italy’s prime-minister three times and enjoyed an uninterrupted sixty two years as a parliamentarian, despite twenty-six separate court cases on charges including corruption and Mafia involvement.

Piano Solo
Director: Riccardo Milani
Based on a novel by Walter Veltroni, this film from award-winning director Riccardo Milani tells the passionate and haunting true story of jazz pianist Luca Flores, portrayed by Kim Rossi Stuart.

Rush Hour (L’Ora Di Punta)
Director: Vincenzo Marra
Nominated for a Golden Lion at the 2007 Venice International Film Festival, this engrossing thriller follows a young tax officer who recklessly commits fraud and bribery to join the nouveau riche of Rome.

The Girl by the Lake (La Ragazza Del Lago)
Director: Andrea Molaioli
In this engrossing thriller that swept this year’s David di Donatello Awards (Italian Oscars), an idyllic town is shocked by the murder of a young and beautiful woman, whose naked and mysteriously unscathed body, is found alongside a lake.

The Rest of the Night (Il Resto Della Notte)
Director: Francesco Munzi
In the wealthy industrialized north, Silvana, the depressed wife of a provincial industrialist, persuades herself that Maria, her young Romanian maid, is stealing valuable objects around the villa. With no proof and against her husband’s wishes, Silvana fires Maria without notice; an action that sets off a chain of events which lead to a tense conclusion.

The Sweet and the Bitter (Il Dolce E L’Amaro)
Director: Andrea Porporati
Luigi Lo Cascio gives one of his finest performances in this revealing portrait of a young man’s seduction by the Mafia, viewed over twenty years.

Wild Blood (Sanguepazzo)
Director: Marco Tullio Giordana
Based on the true story of Luisa Ferida (Monica Bellucci) and Osvaldo Valenti (Luca Zingaretti), two renowned actors of 1940’s Italian Fascist cinema, who were found dead under mysterious circumstances.

Published August 21, 2008


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