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"What they [critics] call dirty in our pictures, they call lusty in foreign films."  -Billy Wilder
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It has been the cause of many heated debates and is a topic that has overshadowed the Australian Film industry for decades – why don’t the majority of Australian films attract Australian audiences? Why did Oz films represent only 3.8% of the total box office last year* [including Baz Luhrmann’s Australia]? Is it the: filmmakers, audiences, funding bodies, distributors? More importantly, what can be done about it?

"a major screen industry event"

Metro Screen presents a major screen industry event that is a must for those passionate about the current and future state of the Australian screen industry. Representatives from a cross section of the film industry, from funding to distribution, will discuss why they believe many of our films perform so poorly at the local box office. For those eager to have their say, we will be asking audience members to join in and voice their opinions.

The Australian public will watch Australian stories, ratings for recent TV shows have confirmed this, so why are they avoiding our films? Should more resources be directed to marketing? Are the films not getting a fair run from cinema chains? Do we need to ‘sell out’ to sell tickets?

The issue is no longer the meagre amount of films produced; 2009 has been touted as a vintage year for Australian films, with over 30 features being released, but how will they fair with audiences? Although applauded by critics, many have already receded into the shadows, barely making an impact at the box office. Why is this happening?!

"to identify the contributing factors to this major crisis facing our films and move us onwards and upwards"

Speculation will abound, conspiracy theories will be voiced, and [hopefully] solutions will be reached. The forum will not be a platform to complain about the industry [no whingers allowed], but is intended to identify the contributing factors to this major crisis facing our films and move us onwards and upwards.

*Screen Australia analysis of the Motion Picture Distribution Association of Australia [MPDAA]

Published October 1, 2009

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Andrew L. Urban
(Photo by David Morgan)


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Emails should contain your full name and location and a daytime telephone number (not for publication).

A mandatory screen forum led by film industry heavyweights
Presented by Metro Screen
Moderator: ANDREW L. URBAN
Panel to be confirmed shortly

Online audience bookings essential www.metroscreen.org.au
Email: metro@metroscreen.org.au
Phone: 02 9356 1818.

When: October 22, 2009
6.30pm – 8.30pm
Where: Chauvel Cinema, Paddington Town Hall
Cnr Oxford St & Oatley Rd, Paddington.

Cost: $5 all tickets

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