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The Queensland Animators Group presents the only festival in Australia devoted exclusively to animation in all its forms. "In breadth of themes, it will stretch from the political to the comic," says fest director Peter Moyes; he also stresses that it is not a children’s event. Andrew L. Urban reports.

Don’t take the children to the R rated Sunday 1pm session of From Naughty to Nasty, which features the hardcore 1928 classic Everready, a red hot Betty Boop, and the pornographic Lovers in the Woods (1965) – with its soundtrack played backwards to reveal Satanic messages.

More than 100 works from a dozen countries are screening at this biennial festival, with 14 selected for Competition (see left). The festival also includes a series of workshops by Estonian animation guru, Priit Parn.

Local animators showcase their works on Sunday at 10 am in the State Library, with a varied range of subject matter, from the colourful world of a cockroach to the fluid, sensuous line-work of a Rendez-Vous.

Among the many films screening, for example, is Geri’s Game (Fri Oct 23, 9pm) in the Wagging The Tales session. This film, from one of the most advanced 3D computer animation studios in the world (Pixar – who made Toy Soldiers and latterly Antz), is an amusing short performance piece for young and old, with a highly detailed acting style, and composition and framing worthy of Alfred Hitchcock.

One of the offbeat highlights of the festival is the Saturday night (11pm) screening of Bill Plympton’s 75 minute animated feature, I Married A Strange Person, described as "the most audacious American feature since Ralph Bakshi’s Coonskin," by G. Michael Dobbs of Animation Planet. "…sexually and politically charged, it has something to offend just about anyone, and I say that as a compliment."

"As a young and vital festival," says Peter Moyes, "it is our intention to firmly establish the Brisbane Animation Festival as the Australian leg on the international circuit of animated festivals, and to contribute to the thriving international animation community. We are keen to promote animation and show it’s not just a Saturday afternoon throw away."

Moyes says "in animation you can take control of the whole process – it’s very personal." Moyes, himself an award winning animator, is currently making Happy Hour, based on an iconic Christ in a contemporary bar, using pencil on paper and computerised post production.


Fruhling (Spring) by Silke Parzich
Essence of Terror by Sophie Raymond
Tempera by Lisbeth Worm
Tongue Twister by Sean Scott
Late at Night by Stephanie Jordan
If It Wasn’t for the Rubber by Jennie Swain
Linear Dream by Richard Reeves
His Mother’s Voice by Dennis Tupicoff
Sientje by Christa Moesker

Love Stinks by Greg Holfeld (above)
Comic Dance by A. Ainutdinov
Mecca Strewth by Dylan Crooke
Uncle by Adam Elliot
Dr Amoeba Does Sex by Eddie Mort

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2nd Brisbane Animation Festival
Dendy Cinema, Brisbane
Oct 22 – 25, 1998
Tickets $9 ($7) per session; season tickets will also be available.
Enquiries: baf@visualeyes.net.au or phone +61 7 3216 0808.

Festival director Peter Moyes

National Tour:
Oct 28 – Nov 10, 1998
Tickets $10 - $11.50 - please check with venue

SYDNEY: Oct 28,29, Valhalla Cinema
MELBOURNE: Oct 31, Nov 1, Cinema Europa
ADELAIDE: Nov 5, Mercury Cinema
DARWIN: Nov 9,10, NT Museum Theatre

Priit Parn

SYDNEY: Oct 28 – MCA; info: Lisa Byleveld T: 9252 4033
MELBOURNE: Nov 2, VCA; info: Robert Stephenson T: 9658 9020
ADELAIDE: Nov 4, Mercury Cinbema; info: Adele Hann T: 8410 0979
DARWIN: Nov 10, NT Museum; info: Col Thompson T: 8981 0700


Grand Prize
Jury Award
Debut Award
Underdog Award (for effort)


Panel of Judges:
Max Bannah – animator
Jonathan Dawson – Prof of Film, Griffith Uni
Wendy Keys – film lecturer, Griffith Uni
Erik Roberts – animator
Lee Whitmore – animator/lecturer UTS


Critics Award

Richard Kuipers – producer, The Movie Show
Des Partridge – film critic, Courier Mail
Andrew L. Urban – Editor, Urban Cinefile

People’s Award
Audience vote


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