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A regular hunting ground for innovative new films, the Directors’ Fortnight is like the black sheep of the Cannes film festival family; it’s interesting, unpredictable and surprising, with an eclectic program. This year is no different. Unlike the title of Cam Archer’s Shit Year, the program bristles with 11 promising newcomers.

The Directors’ Fortnight is at once part of but separate from the main Festival de Cannes, and it offers ordinary movie lovers the most ready access to the programme of films available in Cannes.

The event boasts that “the Directors' Fortnight is distinguished by its independent-mindedness, its non-competitive nature and its concern to cater to non-professional Cannes audiences, which can buy a subscription for the entire Fortnight program or purchase tickets for individual screenings.

"Striving to be eclectic and receptive to all forms of cinematic expression"

“Striving to be eclectic and receptive to all forms of cinematic expression, the Directors' Fortnight pays particular attention to the annual production of fiction features, short films and documentaries, to the emergence of independent fringe filmmaking, and even to contemporary popular genres, provided these films are the expression of an individual talent and an original directorial style.

“The films are chosen by Frédéric Boyer, the French Directors Guild-appointed artistic director, seconded by a team of selectors (five professionals and film critics) who accompany him around the world to screen some one thousand films annually in search of innovative, original and exciting films.”

(Shit Year features Ellen Barkin playing a has-been Hollywood actress who, having a hard time facing retirement, faces “a hallucinatory confrontation with life” and an affair with a much younger actor, played by Luke Grimes (from TV’s Brothers & Sisters).

A alegria (The Joy) Marina Méliande et Felipe Braganca (Brazil)
All Good Children * Alicia Duffy (Ireland - Belgium - France)
Alting bliver godt igen (Everything Will Be Fine) Christoffer Boe (Danemark-Suède-France)
Año bisiesto * Michael Rowe (Mexique)
Benda Bilili ! * Renaud Barret & Florent de la Tullaye (France) (documentaire)
La Casa muda * (The Silent House) Gustavo Hernandez (Uruguay)
Cleveland Vs. Wall Street Jean-Stéphane Bron (Suisse - France) (documentaire)
Des Filles en noir Jean-Paul Civeyrac (France)
Ha'Meshotet * (The Wanderer / Le Vagabond) d'Avishai Sivan (Israël)
Illégal d'Olivier Masset-Depasse (Belgique-Luxembourg-France)
The Light Thief Aktan Arym Kubat (Kirghizistan)
Little Baby Jesus of Flandr * Gust Van den Berghe (Belgique)
La Mirada invisible (The Invisible Eye) Diego Lerman (Argentine-France-Espagne)
Picco * Philip Koch (Allemagne)
Pieds nus sur les limaces (Lily Sometimes) Fabienne Berthaud (France)
Le Quattro volte de Michelangelo Frammartino (Italie-Allemagne-Suisse)
Shit Year Cam Archer (US)
Somos lo que hay * (We Are What We Are) Jorge Michel Grau (Mexique)
The Tiger Factory Woo Ming jin (Malaisie - Japon)
Todos vós sodes capitáns * (Vous êtes tous des capitaines) Oliver Laxe (Espagne)
Two Gates Of Sleep * Alistair Banks Griffin (US)
Un Poison violent * Katell Quillevéré (France)
* Film eligible for the Caméra d'Or Prize

Stones In Exile Stephen Kijak (UK) (documentary)
Boxing Gym Frederik Wiseman (US) (documentary)

Published April 29, 2010

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Ellen Barkin in Shit Year – one of two US films in the program

Frédéric Boyer - Artistic Director

Benda Bilili !

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