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Letters to the Editor are welcome; they can be on any relevant subject (relevant meaning relevant to this zine) and preferably no more than 350 words. Please include your name and city where you live. The Editor has the right to edit. We’d like to hear your movie related stories, anecdotes and – of course – your opinions. Drop us a line to mail@urbancinefile.com.au

Hi, I am an Italian film critic and I read your magazine. I think you're doing a very good job and I thought I should let you know that there's someone in Italy that reads you and appreciate your effort. Ciao!
Sandra Bordigoni

I live in Adelaide, which is called the arts capital of Australia. While this is a fine tag it does not mean we have a great movie scene. There are no repertory cinemas in Adelaide like there are in Melbourne and Sydney. I have tried forming a film club, but no-one seems interested. I truly wish we had a repertory cinema like the Astor in Melbourne. Finally, do you know whether or not Network Home Video plans to release the 1970 Robert Altman directed black comedy Brewster McCloud in Australia? The movie stars Bud Cort (Harold & Maude), Sally Kellerman and a young Shelley Duvall in her film debut. I have never seen the film, but I'm such a big fan of black comedies and Bud Cort that I would truly love to see it. Do you know if Nashville will be released on video in the near future also?
Andrew Kieswetter

Andrew replies: I can’t be certain but I don’t think so.

I have just been to see Private Ryan and remember my father's stories and more so His and His Friends silences on the subject of war and the reasons for the closeness they shared.
Neil Cassidy. 36yrs

Dear Urbanfilers,
I saw an absolutely brilliant film about a year ago. It was called Terra and unfortunately I cannot recollect the director’s name. It was shown as part of the Latina Film Festival at the now defunct Mandolin (a fine cinema it was…sob). A brilliant drama about a man who believed he was both angel and devil, as well as being a fumigator. Astounding cinematography and score with a stellar performance from the entire cast. I'm wondering will it be released here in Australia or fall into the never to be seen again category. I'm frantically tying to remember who was in the cast. I sat there in the projectionist box (my first post uni job) and just melted into it. It was a sublime film, I 'd love to get the rights for it because it would pack the houses. It had a Like Water For Chocolate feel, a flowing storyline that sucked you in with real charm. They even used some computer animation to beautiful effect.
Brilliant site...and well done to both of you for the way you personalise your responses.
Chris Noble
Arts Council of New South Wales

Andrew replies (personally !): No Australian distribution to our knowledge – as yet, anyway. Maybe your letter will prompt someone. Here’s all we can find about the cast and crew of Tierra! (courtesy imdb): writer/director is Julio Medem; cast includes: Carmelo Gomez, Emma Suarez, Karra Elejalde and Silke. It is a drama romance made in Spain in 1996 and runs 125 minutes.

There's an upcoming special edition of "Night Of the Living Dead" it's going to sell through in America but was it ever released in cinemas here or banned. I think the sequels here banned here too. Horror movies were usually plain Banned before the mid seventies weren't they?
Brendan Day

Firstly congratulations on the award, it's thoroughly deserved. As a regular patron of quality cinema I find Cinefile's intelligent & diverse reviews an invaluable resource. So it was then that after reading the reviews for Shadrach, I went along to view it a the Pitt St cinemas in Sydney, and I have to say that it's one of the best films I've seen in years. Beautifully filmed, superbly acted. What amazed me though is that in a cinema, the capacity of what I estimated to be around 400, I was the single solitary customer. It confounds and disappoints me that a film such as this which I am sure would appeal to a wide audience, passes virtually unnoticed. Is it lack of publicity, wrong venue, What? I am interested in your thoughts. Regards,

Ray Guff
Dundas Valley, NSW

Andrew replies: Hi, Ray - many thanks! As for Shadrach, I have no answers. Like many other excellent small films (small as in without big names) it struggles in the ocean of competition. Maybe overall, Australian culture is growing insensitive to anything but Hollywood's biggest guns. Who knows. But don't despair - there are still many of us who do notice and enjoy really good films, even if they are 'small' in release.

Dear Andrew and crew
Just a quick note to say congratulations on the award. I always look forward each week to reading what's happening at The Urban Cinefile, even though I never win a damn thing. Maintain the rage. Well, the enthusiasm and insight, anyway. Yours in film,
Matthew Dillon
North Melbourne, Vic

Hi, I was wondering what you can tell me about Val Kilmer’s latest visit to Australia. Thanks,
Debbie Perkins

Andrew replies: It was short. He came to promote Prince of Egypt, the animated movie about Moses. He did the voice of Moses. Amazing but true!

Hello, I was looking for the results of the recent agsc composer awards. I saw the results for most of the sections on your site about 2 weeks ago and you said then that several sections were being judged on the 15th Nov. Today is the 17th and I can't find the results for those sections, eg. Best Student Score and others. Are they on the site yet and could you please put the reference address in a reply please? Thank you. Sincerely,
Steven Baker

Louise replies: In order to allow students from all over Australia to submit entries to the Best Student Score category, AGSC's Jo Smith has informed us that the judging for these nominations has now been deferred until Nov 21 and will be reported in NEWS on Nov 26.

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