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There are a million stories in a big city …. of actors trying to break through; this is one of them: Amber Gokken, in her own words.

I am in a film that will premier (along with Machete) at the upcoming Fantastic Planet - Sydney Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Festival at Dendy Cinemas. It's called Mortal Fools, directed, written, produced by Phil Moore, and additional screenplay was written and produced by Anthony Egan, who was the co-writer of Needle. It is a crazy comedy/science fiction film, with an ensemble cast. I play Robin, a cyborg that spices things up by "darting" people to fall in love or alter sexual orientation.

I was mainly acting in theatre, until Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions came along. I was cast to do some double/stand-in work for Carrie-Anne Moss, who plays Trinity, which triggered a passion in me to pursue acting in film. I was already cast as a Priestess in Matrix Revolutions. They were looking for a double amongst the cast already cast. The double had to have similar build, height and so on, to Trinity. I guess I fit the bill! I got a call from my then agent and I was thrilled!

Since then, I have been building a name in theatre (playing Eve in Alex & Eve, in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide), short films (Halfway House, the official selection for the New York Film and Video Festival) and feature films, playing Krianna in Gabriel (Shane Abbess, 2007).

You may have also seen me recently in Australian Families of Crime Series, on Channel 9. I play Judy Kane, the episode lead, in The Kane Brothers episode.

"a form of Filipino martial arts"

I am also a martial artist - a Stick Fighter. Stick Fighting is a form of Filipino martial arts, training with sticks, bladed weapons and hand-to-hand combat, also known as Arnis/Eskrima/Kali. I have also been training in Kickboxing and Stage Combat.

That started when I was cast in a Star Wars fan film, as a female Jedi. A cast member who was doing Stick Fighting at the time, suggested I should come along as it might help handling the light sabre. I went along to the classes, and I was hooked! I had always wanted to get into Martial Arts and here was my chance. The film didn’t eventuate but I am still training. We train with sticks, bladed weapons and hand-to-hand combat. I have also added kickboxing to my repertoire and touching on kung fu.

In July/August 2010, I was invited to LA to meet Gill Champion and Stan Lee of POW! Entertainment. Unfortunately, I can't tell you anymore about that at this time.

[Ed: on that hopeful note, we look forward to learning more in due course…]

Published October 7, 2010

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Amber Gokken

Mortal Fools trailer

Fantastic Planet Film Festival

October 29- November 5, 2010

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