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"When I watch some of my films I see it as a scrap book of my life, mostly happier times"  -Brad Pitt
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Our report on Web Awards Win
Read with amusement of your night of triumph - well done. However, was a little alarmed to hear that the night's "sophisticated program" included "freshly chucked oysters" - surely you mean "shucked"? If not, then a little too much champagne, perhaps...  Keep up the good work,
Chris Rodda
Carlton North, VIC

Andrew replies: Aw Shucks!

Brilliant Careers - ABC Doco
I watched it. It was great. I didn't realise how many talented people had gone through there during the years. I must say, however, that it was  comforting to watch some of their student films and see that some of their finest hours came AFTER they had left. It would have been depressing if they had produced films the quality of "The Boys" and "The Piano" when they'd had no life experience to go with their talent. I think student days are great because you are filled with the passion that you know what to do to change the world and then you go into the real world and realise ... you have no idea.

Your documentary made that point strongly and really struck a chord with me. While never a film student, I had the same passion and ideals (arrogance???) so it was great to see that all students really are just the same.
I look forward to the next documentary you put together. Regards
Gerry Costigan,
Melbourne Festival

Watched it. Enjoyed it. Congratulations on your AFR/Telstra Award wine. Sorry win.
Tim White, Wine Journalist

Dear Andrew and Cinefilers, congratulations on two great moments: the website win and brilliant careers. Here's to Cinefile's brilliant career!
John Merkel
Multimedia Producer
Charles Sturt University
Bathurst NSW

Other Subjects
I am from Stockholm, Sweden. I´m looking for a video that goes by the name Dingo directed by Rolf de Heer; where can I get a copy of it? Kind regards,


Louise replies: The film has been released in Scandinavia by Sonet, who is based in Stockholm. You could contact them for video release details. Any further queries, you can address to the Australian distributor, George Draskovic at Magic Boot Entertainment P/L. Tel: 61 2 9719 9856 Fax: 61 2 9719 9854

Dear Andrew,
I would like to compliment you on such a wonderful web site, I visit often and am always impressed by the reviews I find. The reviewers always seem prepared to surrender themselves to the film and see where the journey takes them and this approach as well as being refreshing, creates reviews which are often works of art in their own right.
Zoey Martin
Mosman NSW

Hi there... hoping someone can help me... I'm trying to track down the Twin Peaks box set on video... I've called around everywhere and I've been told this is now deleted... but I'm hoping someone out there has this that they are willing to sell me... :) Cheers,

Hello Andrew,
I have only just visited your site and it's brilliant. I can't believe it's taken me so long!
Catherine Simpson
School of Media, Culture and Communication
Murdoch University, WA

Hi there,
Can you tell me if Child's Play 4: Bride of Chucky, is going to be released
in cinemas here, or would it go straight to video? Thanks,
Rowie Daskalakis

Louise replies:
It will probably be given a theatrical release, as the other films in the series were also released. But no date has been set.

Hi, I enjoy your site immensely and have a strong interest in film releasing.
Its evident that release dates continue to change, but it would be good to have the full release schedule of films coming out over the next six months or more. Also, would you know when the following films are to be released here at cinemas.
URBAN LEGEND, horror film from Australian director
HE GOT GAME, Denzel Washington drama
DISTURBING BEHAVIOR, another teen horror film
BRIDE OF CHUCKY, horror sequel
BULWORTH, Warren Beatty political comedy
Chris Cappola,

I would like to know when Bulworth, BASEketball, Bride Of Chucky, Urban Legend & Disturbing Behaviour are coming out. I am awaiting a few movies this Month. I'm also a regular visitor to this site.

Louise replies:
Bulworth is currently schedule for release on Feb 25, 1999, Urban Legend on Jan 28, Disturbing Behaviour on March 11. Bride Of Chucky has not been dated, nor He Got Game.

I just wanted to say thank you and congratulations. Thank you because I really enjoy and look forward to your magazine each week; and congratulations because its a quality read. I got on to it from your column in the Sunday Age, where it says you edit an internet magazine. I LOVE movies and I am always so keen about what is coming out and all. I usually go to the movies at Palace.
Andrew Murfett

I have a query that you might be able to help me with. I heard of a film being made in Australia in early 1998 by the name of Powderburn. I was wondering whether or not you have heard of this movie and if so an approximate date when it may be released. Regards
Ben Foster

Andrew replies: Powder Burn has just been completed (and is rather good), but a release date has not been set. It will probably be early to mid next year.

Hi there, great web site, about the most comprehensive in regards to ozzie land that I have seen. Now I have a question(s). I am a fan of Jeremy Irons and am wondering (on behalf of some other aussie fans and myself) is Lolita and Chinese Box going to ever be released here? Your comments appreciated. Thanks a bunch.
Kate Whiting

Louise replies: Chinese Box is scheduled for release at the end of February 1999;  Lolita is still in the balance. There was a rumour that one Australian distributor was playing with it, but nothing has been confirmed.

I heard that James Cameron was going to make a sequel of Titanic. Is this true? Also I heard that Leo was GAY. Is this true? If yes, I would really like to know because he is a really good actor and I don't want his career to go down the drain because of his sexuality.
Neill Dowrick

I want to thanks your dedication, for send me, all the weeks, one mail with the news. I want to say that here, in my country (Venezuela, South America) we can't see so much Australian films. The last one was Shine, of course, because won an Oscar. But on video I saw so many films and I want to say that you have one of the most important and best filmography that I have seen. In special the last ones I saw: Proof, Twisted and Romper Stomper. I think that the Australian films have one thing that anyone have: risk. You make so many crazy films, so rude films, and some risky films. And you don't care about rules. I think that is important. Thanks for the article on Romper Stomper, because I write for a magazine (about video) and I need that information.
Patricia Kaiser

Dear Sir
Here is a list of some things I would like to see Urban Cinefile cover:
1. An interview with George Miller on Babe 2; Pig In The City.
2. Reviews of Mulan, Antz, A Bug's Life and Prince Of Egypt.
3. Interviews with Simon Wells (Director of Prince Of Egypt), John Lassiter (Director of A Bug's Life), Jim Abrahams (Director of Mafia!) and Trey Parker & Matt Stone(Stars/Writers of Baseketball).

I enjoy looking at your web site every week on the Internet. I hope you can try to use these suggestions.
Kindest Regards,

Andrew Kieswetter.
P.S. Please try and bring back the Urban Cinefile letters page.

Dear Andrew
We will be trying to do all these things you ask: we already have the reviews in hand, and they appear as the relevant film opens in Australia. Interviews with the makers of Prince of Egypt are also coming, but we may not be able to get to the makers of Mafia and Baseketball. As for the return of the letters page –voilá !

Andrew L. Urban, Editor

Dear Andrew,
I am very pleased to see the return of the Letters page in Urban Cinefile. I enjoyed the reviews of ANTZ; I have seen the film twice now and enjoyed it immensely. I get very annoyed when I read reviews referring to ANTZ as a 'kid's flick', I would never say its just for kids. It has a huge abundance of adult humor in it. The computer
animation was mindboggingly brilliant; I came to think of Z and co. as flesh-and-blood creatures. I reccomend everyone to see ANTZ-Leave the kids at home with a babysitter if you want.  I hope to see articles on BABE: PIG IN THE CITY soon. Perhaps even interviews with stars James Cromwell, Magda Subszanski and director George Miller. 'Bye for now.
Andrew Kieswetter

I contacted to you about 6 months ago, so I'll forgive you if you can't recall the occassion. I congratulated you on the great, and seemingly tireless, effort you are putting into your several ongoing projects - (clearly you don't have a life) and their success - and now, I see nothing has change except your ever-increasing success and profile (even the Casual TV viewers at work recall your Front Up program and you as the guy with The pony - "Yeah, he's very good.") So keep it going Andrew & Co - the Ozzie Film industry needs passionate advocates like you guys. Incidentally, I'm sure you are aware that Andrew Pike could lose Canberra's one & only art-type cinemas, Electric Shadows, due to another multiplex on the drawing boards in the city and don't we need more Hollywood!! Many are dismayed and furious about this and petitions are being signed, letters are being sent, phone calls are being made ... I think I'll move out if that happens.

Bruce Stephenson

Would you be kind enough to help me out. There is a film I've be waiting for the release of but I don’t know what it’s called. It won the major prize at Cannes and I think the director is Greek.
Julian Di Bez

Dear Julian,
I think you may be referring to Theo Angelopoulos' film Mia Eoniotita Ke Mia Mera (Eternity and a Day), which won the Palme d'Or at Cannes this year. No release date in Australia has as yet been set.
Best Wishes,

Louise Keller, Deputy Editor

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