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The follow-up to I Know What You Did Last Summer was no accident; the producers began developing the sequel after the original was still going strong at the box office a month into release.

A year ago, after a rainy night when college friends accidentally ran down a pedestrian and then threw his body into the sea, all hell broke loose when a serial killer attacked the college community, and someone left mysterious notes about what happened… the cast (those who weren’t killed) and crew returned to the sound stage and exotic locations for another scream of a summer …..

Thunder crashes, lightning flashes and macabre chandeliers sway violently back and forth in a dimly lit attic stacked high with battered bamboo furniture. Rain pounds down on the window as a wooden trap door pops open, revealing three saturated young women on the run from a killer. We are on Stage 21 at Sony Pictures Studios, where Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Esposito and Brandy, disheveled and exhausted, try to maintain their balance as they crawl on their knees along the spiny attic beams. Brandy screams as she loses her footing and almost falls through a window. They gather in a safe (for now) corner, clinging to one another and panting as they await their inevitable doom.

Seconds later, a huge, shiny steel hook comes bursting through the trap door they had just bolted shut. A silhouette cloaked in the infamous fisherman slicker stands ominously under the illuminated arch window.

"Director Danny Cannon yells cut; the killer slinks back into his cove waiting for the next take"

Director Danny Cannon yells cut, and the killer slinks back into his cove waiting for the next take. The wardrobe department gathers around the actresses, drying them off with towels. As the house lights come up, their fake bruises, blood-stained clothing and dripping wet hair are revealed. Energized by the intense scene, they playfully shine their flashlights in Cannon’s face. Hewitt tries to creep up behind the director and scare him. Cannon smiles back devilishly and continues talking with the camera department about the upcoming set up.

On the anniversary of the previous summer’s tragic deaths, Julie’s college grades are slipping and her relationship with high school sweetheart Ray Bronson (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) has hit the skids. Julie is teetering on the edge, guilt-ridden, paranoid and tormented by terrifying hallucinations. Questions, like the faces of fisherman Ben Willis (Muse Watson) and his victims, still haunt her. Did she and Ray really kill Willis? If they did, why didn’t they ever find his body? Would Ray and Julie, and their relationship, survive?

"running for her life..."

Enter Karla Wilson (Brandy), Julie’s spunky best friend and roommate, who wins an all-expense-paid Bahamas vacation for four during the July 4th holiday weekend. It seems like things might take a turn for the better when Julie, Karla’s main squeeze Tyrell Martin (Mekhi Phifer) and Julie’s classmate Will Benson (Matthew Settle) are invited to tag along. Will, filling the vacancy left when Ray decides to put his fisherman duties above his girlfriend and stay home, would like to ease Julie’s pain in more ways than one, but she is hesitant to trust him or anyone else.

Upon their arrival in this tropical paradise filled with pristine beaches and sky-high palm trees, Julie and her friends find the other hotel guests leaving. The militant hotel general manager, Mr. Brooks (Jeffrey Combs), informs them they have arrived just in time for the beginning of hurricane season. Despite the grim greeting, they settle into their plush accommodations with the aid of bellman Estes (Bill Cobbs) and cabana boy Titus (Jack Black). Determined to enjoy themselves, the fearless foursome makes every effort to unwind with some cheesy karaoke and a couple of tequila specials served with style by resident bartender Nancy (Jennifer Esposito).

As Julie’s mind continues to play tricks on her, the students’ romantic island getaway turns into a vacation of murder and mayhem... familiar terrain for Julie James, who once again is running for her life.

"The involvement of the two survivors... was vital to making the sequel."

The involvement of the two survivors from I Know What You Did Last Summer, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze, Jr., was vital to making the sequel. Both actors read the I Still Know What You Did Last Summer script and signed on right away, attracted by its fresh new twist.

The filmmakers cast pop singing sensation Brandy to team up with Hewitt. Both young women have found tremendous success on television with their ability to combine an All-American sweetness and charm with strength.

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