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An extensive retrospective that includes all 56 of Alfred Hitchcock’s films still in existence and 17 selected episodes for television will be GoMA’s star attraction for the next two months.

As well as being one of the most extensive Australian retrospectives to date of Hitchcock’s work, the program features live jazz accompaniment for selected early silent films on Sundays, and a themed cocktail lounge during Friday night screenings of Hitchcock’s most well-known titles. 

"passion for technical innovation"

“Hitchcock remains one of the most recognised and successful filmmakers of the twentieth century,” says Gallery director Tony Ellwood. “His career spanned six decades, from early silent cinema to his masterpieces of suspense in Hollywood, and his passion for technical innovation and visual narrative helped shape the development of modern cinema.”

Queensland Art Gallery Curator, Australian Cinémathèque José Da Silva said that while Hitchcock worked across a variety of genres, “his mastery of the suspense-thriller is his trademark.”

The 17 episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–62), his highly successful foray into directing for television is one of the highlights. The half-hour episodes showcase the suspense and intrigue faced by ordinary people in extraordinary situations.

Published September 29, 2011

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Rear Window

The Australian Cinémathèque at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, presents Alfred Hitchcock: A Retrospective - from October 7 to November 27, 2011

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