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Featuring several prize winners from prestigious festivals including Sundance, Berlin, Karlovy Vary, Jerusalem and San Sebastian, as well as winners from the 2011 Ophirs (Israeli ‘Oscars’), the 2012 Israeli Film Festival is bigger than ever in its 9th year.

Highlights of the festival include opening night film Restoration, a moving exploration of fatherhood and the generational divide; Lipstikka, in which Lara, living in London in a loveless marriage, is forced to confront her past at the unexpected arrival of childhood friend; My Lovely Sister, a Jewish-Moroccan legend re-told in contemporary Israel; Dusk, a debut feature about a car accident that brings together four protagonists and their stories. 

"documentary program"

The documentary program includes the multi award-winning Dolphin Boy, about a boy traumatised by a violent attack who participates in a rehabilitation program in the Red Sea; The Love Lost Diaries, about a woman reading the WW2 diary of her former lover 65 years after it was written; and When Israel Went Out, retracing the trek undertaking by thousands of Falasha Jews who walked from Ethiopia to Israel in the 1980s. 

Artistic Director Katriel Schory said,“Israel has a wealth of stories to tell, some shaped by politics but others personal. This is a festival that overwhelmingly celebrates the stories of people’s lives. The burgeoning Israeli film industry is quite democratic, with a wealth of young filmmakers using new technologies to create films, ensuring that a multiplicity of voices is heard in the cinema.”

Lipstikka, Dolphin Boy, Love Lost Diary

Published August 16, 2012

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SYDNEY • Wed 15 – Sun 26 August
Palace Verona

MELBOURNE • Tue 28 Aug – Sun 9 Sept
Palace Como and Brighton Bay

BRISBANE • Wed 29 Aug – Wed 5 Sept
Palace Centro

ADELAIDE • Wed 5 – Sun 9 Sept
Palace Nova Eastend

PERTH • Tue 4 – Wed 12 Sept
Cinema Paradiso

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