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California based special effect research firms, Team NULYX and MediaScience, have jointly announced the discovery of a new technology to intensify emotional experiences across all entertainment media. Now, perhaps even buffy blokes will cry at the movies .

The new technology will debut in early 2013 through special multi - purpose headphones, the NULYX, for individuals before its distribution to the consumer electronics, gaming and wireless industries.

In what is described as an extraordinary breakthrough, entertainment media can become more intense, vivid and real. Widely supported by published University research, the discovery is named NULYX. A pulsed signal from a smartphone app to a Bluetooth headphone activates vivid and real experiences during the show or game.

Everyone reacts a little differently; a spokeswoman said NULYX is a new technology that allows producers of media to more accurately engineer the audience experience for peak emotional highs and thrills. "We feel we're at just the beginning of a new technology like with stereo, wide screen, or 3-D, or even when the movies learned to talk. An advanced headphone is the initial vector selected to debut the NULYX effect to the world.

A NULYX researcher said, "We selected a special Bluetooth headphone design because the headphone travels widely, is portable, worn and seen on the user and --- it's an experience that can be passed around and shared with friends." NULYX works by stimulating feel good neurotransmitter release in a completely natural way - the way music does.

Headphones deploying NULYX. provide far more depth and detail. "This effect is natural and has always been - it's the first headphone to come out of Neuroscience," a team member pointed out.

NULYX will also be available to application developers with a system development kit (SDK) so they can make games, apps, music and videos more vivid and real.

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