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 The World of Film in Australia - on the Internet Updated Wednesday, October 18, 2017 

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Over 100 of the 1000 submissions to the global Four Stories short film initiative were from Australian filmmakers and one (Simon Fowler’s David Schwimmer Checks Out) made it into the 12 finalists; the four winners have now been selected and screened at a special event in London last week. See the four winning films

Four Stories judge and executive producer Roman Coppola also co-wrote and directed a fifth short film, Die Again, Undead One, an intergalactic vampire tale, starring Jason Schwartzman and Margarita Kallas, which was shot on location at W Hollywood.

All the films were shot at W hotel locations; the winning shorts (see details below) were shot at Doha, Mexico City, Washington and the Maldives.

The four winners are:
Amy Jacobowitz from Los Angeles, whose screenplay was developed into “Modern/Love,” filmed at W Doha with director Lee Toland Krieger and actors Robert Schwartzman and Naomi Scott.

Ben Saveg from Brooklyn, N.Y., whose screenplay was developed into “¡El Tonto!” filmed at W Mexico City with director Lake Bell and actor Kyle Mooney.

Adam Blampied from London, whose screenplay was developed into “Eugene” filmed at W Washington D.C. with director Spencer Susser and actors Michael Govier and Karolina Wydra.

Kahlil Joseph from Los Angeles, who wrote and directed “The Mirror Between Us,” filmed at W Retreat & Spa Maldives with actors Nicole Beharie and Dan’ee Doty.

The Four Stories competition, launched globally in August 2012, invited aspiring filmmakers to submit scripts with two criteria: films must be set at a W Hotel and feature the Intel-Inspired Ultrabook as a central plot component. Coppola, along with a panel of industry leaders, including actress Chloe Sevigny, actor Michael Pitt, actor PJ Ransone, W Hotels Global Music Director Michelangelo L’Acqua, Intel Chief Marketing Officer Deborah Conrad, VICE Executive Producer and Creative Director Eddy Moretti, screenwriter Jeff Baena, Vimeo Vice President of Creative Development Blake Whitman, and VICE Executive Creative Director Danny Gabai selected the winning scripts.

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