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I would like to know when Roadshow is going to release Mr Nice Guy, (Jackie Chan) filmed here in Australia. They had released the trailer but the film was a no show - Roadshow are bad at keeping a release date as are most of our pathetic distributors. Movie goers get a raw deal here.
1. the prices
2. the late releases - years
3. the no shows
4. the garbage from Hollywood
What's up with this?
An angry Brendan Day

PS I think the small cinemas are fine, especially price wise but in other areas they fail; I go to the Dendy when they show a movie that i may be interested -most recently Clay Pigeons, but their prices are no different than the majors. Release dates here are out of control, they release a big movie like Titanic quick enough, but others get screwed over along the way for another damm Ben & Matt or Leo movie; it sickens me.

Editor replies:
Mr Nice Guy is currently scheduled for May 13.

We are great fans of Strictly Ballroom, Pricilla Queen of the Desert and Muriel’s Wedding. Can you recommend any other Australian Movies that are in this genre? And are the movies you suggest available in the North American video market? Thank you for your time. Sincerely,
Gary Faryon

Editor replies:
It’s hard to know what to recommend, as there is nothing else around QUITE like those three you mention. The last batch of Australian films are either much darker or much younger (family). But watch out for a new film called Paperback Hero coming out in US theatres sometime in the near future, a romantic comedy with lots of fun and great settings, good story etc.

Really enjoyed Life is Beautiful - fabulous from beginning to end. Is Offenbach's Tales of Hoffman (the musical score in film) available retail on CD? Great site too - especially reviews!
Grant and Morgan Dugan

Editor replies:
The Belle Nuit from Tales of Hoffman is on RCA Victor apparently, this version is performed by Caballe e S. Verrt - the information is a bit vague but that's all there is the production notes. EMI Italy did the music organisation, maybe you can track it down. As far as we know, there is no soundtrack CD.

Hello from Darwin
Andrew - great web site; I am still working on mine. Just a quick message: I have lashed out and bought a DVD player. Terrific quality. The first film I watched was Anaconda; well worth a look. So now you will have to include some reviews on DVDs - they are here to stay. Once again a good site.
John Thornhill

Editor replies:
Thanks for the note and good luck with your site. We have a large archive where you may well find reviews of films out on DVD (or video, or free tv, or pay tv, for that matter)- including Anaconda. It can be found on the drop down menu on the right hand side of the Reviews menu page.

I've just found your website and am pleased to see such a great Australian site featuring quality reviewing. Whilst I don't agree with all the reviews (I thought "Something About Mary" was appalling!) I'm able to cheerfully admit that's because it's not my sort of thing. What a pleasure to see such an excellent, balanced job being done by Australians - you put many international film sites to shame. Keep up the good work. (And this is the first time I've ever sent such a jolly e-mail on the strength of a job well done! Don't tell anyone, eh? Bad for my street cred...)
Name & address supplied, Perth


I know this is probably a bit after the event, but I couldn't help responding to the article in last week's newsletter regarding the demise of the Valhalla cinema in Glebe. The article said that "easy undercover parking . . . food and beverage outlets . . . choice of 12 screens . . .attracted bulk of patrons away from the cosy comforts of . . ."etc etc; well, this may have been a bit of a factor, but the main reason seemed to be that the Valhalla was squeezed out by the major distributors. Therefore, the Valhalla does not get enough new release stuff to make it viable. The major distributors, who seem to be a cosy cartel, have the game sewn up in Australia now and the independent cinemas find it harder and harder to compete. So much for the free enterprise system!
David Young, Sydney

Dear Andrew & Team,
Thanks for a year of interesting reviews, movie news & free movie tickets. If it weren't for you I'd probably have let "The Interview" drift by (like much of the Australian viewing public). I subscribe to few sites but yours has been really worthwhile. Unfortunately I am moving to a country where technology isn't as developed,so I will miss your weekly newsletter. CONGRATULATIONS on being a thinking person's website. Hope to hook up again when I return
Karen Ferguson, Surry Hills NSW

Will you stop letting Paul Fischer review grungy films that may include drugs or sex! Let him do the Gwynneth Paltrow stuff or something. His review of Acid House shows more about his drug paranoia and inhibitions than an understanding of Irvine Welsh, contemporary Scottish life etc For a start it isn't set in Glasgow, but in the equally poor Leith area of Edinburgh (as was Trainspotting). i have found it interseting that many reviewers finds a film like this obscene: I bet it would be different if it was Tarantino or the Coen brothers. My main criticism of the film and here i actually agree with mr Fischer was it was technically very poor.

PS Paul, buy a copy of an Irvine Welsh book and read it! watch out for those naughty words though.
David Berg, Movie Club Member
Canterbury 2193

Paul Fischer replies:
Firstly, David Berg clearly has no idea of what my notion of criticism is. I have a diverse set of criteria for judging films, as he would know, if he read many of my reviews. I actually am far from conservative, and I loved Trainspotting. Acid House (which, by the way, received a unanimous caning from the British critics), is a badly made, derivative mess, an insult to one's intelligence. Having been a critic for over 20 years, I feel more than capable of judging each film on its own merits. Film criticism is often subjective, and I for one, object to being railed on my views. I welcome your views, David, but please, offer constructive criticism. Insulting me in such a facile manner, says more about you, I'm afraid, than it does me. Happy viewing, though!

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