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Provocative and challenging but cinematically valuable, the daring and unique week of banned films on World Movies this month will give you the audience a chance to see what the censors didn’t want you to.

Over one controversial week (from Monday August 19), viewers can sit in the privacy of their homes and watch films on the World Movies channel that have been banned around the world and have been the cause of arrests, court cases and protests, that have caused moral outrage and countless newspaper headlines. World Movies is the only channel in Australia permitted to play R18+ films.

The week begins with the horror film that sparked outrage in 2009, The Human Centipede, followed by Larry Clark’s shocking tale of youth without hope – Kids; and the 1980 horror film Cannibal Holocaust, then the infamous Deep Throat and finally the international scandal of Baise-moi. 

The Human Centipede (Netherlands, 2009) 9.30pm Monday 19 August
This horror film tells the story of a German doctor who kidnaps three tourists and joins them surgically, forming a "human centipede”. It was claimed to be “100% medically accurate” upon its release, and has been described as “the most horrific film ever made” by critics.

Kids (US, 1995) 9.30pm Tuesday 20 August

Written by Harmony Korine (Spring Breakers), this was controversial director Larry Clark’s first film and was only released in the US without a classification. Depicting adolescent sex, illicit drug use and extreme themes, Kids was called both a “wake-up call to the modern world” and “morally bankrupt”.

Cannibal Holocaust (Italy, 1980) 9.30pm Wednesday 21 August

This cannibal film caused a storm of controversy in the 80s, after being labelled a “snuff film” in which actors were allegedly killed in front of the camera. The director was arrested for murder, and despite being acquitted after the actors were proved to be alive, the film was banned in many countries around the world, including Australia until it was reclassified in 2005.

Deep Throat

Deep Throat (US, 1972) 9.30pm Thursday 22 August
The infamous Linda Lovelace shot to notoriety for her role in this classic, which is the first pornographic film to feature a storyline. Tame by today’s standards, Deep Throat was banned throughout the US and UK and was labelled by one critic as “a Sodom and Gomorrah gone wild before the fire”.


Baise-moi (France, 2000) 9.30pm Friday 23 August
Receiving intense media coverage for its graphic depiction of sex and violence, this film tells the story of two women who embark on a road trip of revenge through France. Its banning in Australia was met with outspoken protests against censorship, while it was cut-down or banned completely in many other countries. World Movies presents an R18+ cut of this controversial film.

World Movies is exclusive to Foxtel (Channel 430).

Published August 1, 2013

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