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There are three astronauts who’ve landed on Mars and have just found out they’re unable to return home… how they cope is the story budding writer Ally Burnham is turning into a short film at NIDA, where she is one of the 10 students on The Shoot. Andrew L. Urban reports.

In a series of videos using the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + Gear products a talented young crew of 10 are honing their skills at NIDA working with arguably Australia's most visionary director, Baz Luhrmann, to make a short film in just six days, in what promises to be a groundbreaking project.

The versatile Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + Gear products combine several features that serve the young filmmakers, ranging from the 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor to the Auto-Focus 13 Mega-pixel main camera (rear facing) with Smart Stabilization, BSI Sensor LED Flash - as well as the 2 Mega-pixel front facing camera also with BSI sensor, Smart Stabilization and Full HD recording @30fps. The display is a noteworthy 144.3 mm, Full HD Super AMOLED (1920x1080).

There are plenty of options, too, in Camera Modes: Auto / Beauty Face / Best photo / Best face / Sound & shot / Drama / Animated photo / Golf / Rich tone (HDR) / Eraser / Panorama / Surround shot / Sports.

The unit has professional standard audio and video recording features – and that’s before an extensive list of additional features that support and enhance filmmaking.

Luhrmann, beamed in (from his New York base) and projected on a large screen, disarms and relaxes the students, who are bristling with enthusiasm and energy. On each wrist is a large square ‘watch’ – or is it? (It’s certainly a watch, but what else? Dunno, it looks so cool I want one.)

But Luhrmann isn’t the only mentor; there are mentors for every craft, from design to cinematography … and of course, acting.

The student crew, of which Burnham is one, includes director Angeline Armstrong, designer Deborah Ho, DoP Oran Yota, designer Rhianna Malezer, filmmaker Campbell Peddle and actors Diana Popovska, Nicholas Denton, Sam Glissan and Olga Alonso.

The series of behind the scenes videos on You Tube offers an insight into the project, which brings together Australia’s pre-eminent acting school, Samsung and the Sydney Opera House. You can also watch individual shorts of the students – including Sam Glissan, who promises us he’s ‘here if you need me.’

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Published October 24, 2013

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