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Hollywood movies go as well with drugs as they do with guns, crime, murders, and romance. And the fact of the matter is that the media has a strong influence on our attitudes to drug scenes in movies, as outlined here.

There’s no denying that countless drug-themed movies have inspired awe in audiences, but which scenes are the most famous? Well, here are five that demand a viewing.

Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs gave Quentin Tarantino his first opportunity to direct a Hollywood blockbuster, but it was Pulp Fiction that propelled him to stardom. As of 2014, he has only directed nine movies as the sole director.

A key contributor in the success of his success has been Uma Thurman, who played a memorable role in the form of Mia Wallace, wife to LA crime kingpin Marsellus Wallace. Uma’s role as Mia is, without doubt, one of the most memorable drug scenes of all time.

Having stolen a bag of white powder from John Travolta’s Vincent Vega, she brings it to the bathroom to snort a few lines of what she assumes to be cocaine. However, the white powder is in fact heroin, which you aren’t supposed to snort. Poor Vincent Vegas then has to take the critical Mia to get help watch the fallout here.

Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting
Trainspotting came along in 1996 and punched the entire world in the face. Written by Scottish author Irvine Welsh, the movie detailed the drug-fuelled escapades of five utterly reprehensible human beings – but it was certainly a fun ride.

Ewan McGregor plays the main character, Renton, who struggles for much of the movie with a growing addiction to heroin. But after developing legal troubles and going entirely off the rails, his parents lock him in his bedroom to get him off heroin.

Coming off heroin is one of the most difficult experiences, and Renton has to do it in a state of cold turkey – there is no methadone to ease the blow. While coming clean, he has horrifying nightmares. Far and away the worst of these is the sight of a demented baby crawling along his ceiling (see it here if you dare)

Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Johnny Depp plays Raoul Duke, who is the fictionalised version of legendary gonzo journalist Hunter S Thompson. The 1998 movie was based on a novel detailing Thompson’s rampage through Vegas with an attorney in 1971.

There is a scene where Duke enters the hotel with his attorney while heavily under the influence of acid. Mumbling gibberish and transfixed by the hypnotic motion of the carpets, Duke gives the world a lesson as to why taking acid in public places is not the wisest of ideas (here is the scene).

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street
Rounding off the list is a newcomer that has already made a huge impression: The Wolf of Wall Street. Leonardo DiCaprio, as Jordan Belfort, and Jonah Hill, as Donnie Azoff, consume lemon Quaaludes, which are sedative drugs possessing hypnotic qualities.

Convinced that the drugs are duds, Belfort leaves Azoff in his house to make an urgent call from a pay phone, as instructed by his private investigator. During the subsequent phone call, however, Belfort loses his ability to speak and attempts to make it home before Azoff can make a call. You should check out the hilarity of Belfort attempting to make it to his car and drive home.

Those are just five of the most famous scenes, but there are plenty more to experience.

Published July 20, 2014

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