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Why is James Bond so successful at the casino?

There is no one who loves gambling high stakes and winning big more than James Bond. In the movie Casino Royale, Daniel Craig’s Bond won a combined sum of the equivalent of $129,629,934. Although his preferred table game is baccarat, there is a roulette strategy named after him, which covers a large number of outcomes in order to guarantee a profit, so you can try to replicate the success that James Bond achieves in the casinos.

Ian Fleming established James Bond as an expert card player as we discover that he spent two months in Monte Carlo before the war uncovering a team of Romanian card cheats, which of course led to high stakes baccarat in Casino Royale (although this was adapted to no-limit Texas Hold’em poker in the film adaptation) and intense card scenes in Moonraker and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. In the Diamonds Are Forever novel, Bond wins $5000 as a pay off, using a rigged card deck. Due to him having to warn off card cheats throughout the novels and films, it is likely that he had to learn the rules and cheats of all of the table games in order to carry out his missions.

Of course, in the novels James Bond is known to have learnt how to count cards, with the copy of Scarne On Cards that he picks up in Moonraker. Being in the MI6, Bond is intelligent which gives him a good basis when learning how to count cards and cheat a casino. His MI6 training would also give him the ability to read people, particularly when it comes to their subconscious actions whilst trying to maintain a poker face.

James Bond also plays casino games with an aggressive style of play. Although this can carry a high level of risk in casinos, particularly if playing high-risk, high-returns, this could be the cause of his success. High risk, high-return play is one way to win or lose a significant amount of money. However as an MI6 agent, it is likely that Bond has access to funds that the common player would not, allowing him to continue to bet, even after continual loses, in order to have a chance of winning big. Gambling with a considerable amount of money as his bankroll means that he is likely to have a smaller chance of winning, but also more likely to win a considerable amount.

In addition to this, although this may not be true for some of the casino games that he plays, Texas Hold’em blends skill and luck and with his extensive knowledge of gambling, Bond knows when to call, raise and fold in order to maximise his gambling efficiency. Although there is still an element of luck, there is the possibility of Bond using a rigged card deck, as discovered in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and simply the fact that he knows when to make the correct, timely decisions.

Although James Bond is just a fictional character, who is likely to have his fate set out as a happy ending most of the time, there are methods that can be adopted in order to boost your chances of winning in a casino, with the James Bond roulette strategy being just one of the ways to tactically improve your chances.

Published May 27, 2016

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