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I didn't mind any of these teen flicks - so what, it's cheap but what the hell. Better than watching a lot of over the hill actors looking scared; sorry, but youth gets them in. Movies such as Bride Of Chucky -which I found really witty and the best of the series I Still Know... which of course is stupid but more fun than watching Parliament question time. Urban Legend .. still fun schlock teenagers in peril fare. Disturbing Behaviour - same although they screwed it up when they tore pieces from it thanks to studio interference. Movies were made for fun not education, that's why we go to school in the first place. The movies are an escape so let's do just that. That's also why a lot of people are waiting for Star wars E 1.
Brendan Day

I've just read on Urban Cinefile the latest interview Paul Fischer did with Rufus Sewell.
There are a few inaccuracies in it ... not that it matters much as a lot of what is written about Rufus is taken from earlier inaccurate articles and constantly compounded .. and he doesn't help either, being a bit of a "yarn-spinner" himself as you probably know! :-)
Grace, who runs his main website, and I with the Australian version, both do our best to provide credible & informative sites. Sometimes we get info from Rufus directly, but lately I have started to confirm with his agent when I hear rumours. Johnny Hit and Ruby City were films bandied about over a year ago but not even Rufus knew about them when asked ..."nice to know one is employed" was his response!! Victory is not a pending project; the film was made way back in 1993 and is still waiting release in Australia. His most recently completed role is Ali Baba in the TV mini-series Arabian Nights.
Rufus is currently on stage in London in Macbeth. Just for your interest, attached a pic of my daughter Valentina who met him a couple of weeks ago. You might even remember seeing her at the AFI Awards last year ... the pink & black Gothic babe who caused a bit of a stir among some bored SBS and other camera crews!! Maybe she'll even "front up" for you one of these days!! :-)
Keep up the great work both on Front Up (been a favourite of mine for years) and of course Cinefile !!

The Rufus Sewell Oz Connection

Well, I finally saw Shakespeare in Love at the really nice Norton St cinema in Sydney (the chairs are probably a bit too comfortable!) so here's a few comments
1. It made me like Gwyneth Paltrow;
2. I thought there was too much of Romeo and Juliet in it - especially so soon after Baz Luhrmann - I mean most people know the play;
3. Geoffrey Rush was great;
4. Liked all the references to Marlowe, the most underrated writer in English literature;
5. Does anyone know the significance of the daggy boy named John Webster - all I remember from uni is that he wrote the Duchess of Malfi. What's it to do with his love of violence?
6. Did they have to try and make it look like America was the "future" of drama and freedom etc. Does America have to be written into everything? I thought the last sequence was crap. Why make such a deal over the New World?
David Berg


Dear Andrew
Thanks for that insightful and well done piece on Lolita's woes; it was good to read a piece of serious analysis. Keep up the great work.
Melissa Algaze
Los Angeles

Hey Andrew! I heard you on the radio talking about Lolita. I didn’t know you were a real guy! Good effort!
Steve & Christine Davie

Andrew replies:
Hi Steve and Christine - yeah, I've managed to get my chips converted after doing two years as a cyber-subeditor...now they're working on getting my heart to start beating, but otherwise I look real enough... just kidding :) thanks for the note.
Andrew (Serial No 260745)

I have seen Payback but I hated it and now I can't stand Mel Gibson anymore. I am also sick of this oohaha about Lolita; much more important things to take care of then trying to ban a film – for God's sake. When will the government get off their high horse & do their real job and not someone else’s. I say let Lolita go out uncut & R rated. R is plenty of warning to under 18s. I will just see it in spite of them. I am sick of this censoring crap; the government should lay off and let the censors do their job.
Brendan Day

Can you provide me with any information relating to a film called Mystery, Alaska starring Russell Crowe and Burt Reynolds and directed by M Jay Roach? Is there an Australian release date?
Cheers Tina Biniares

Ed replies:
It’s a Disney film: Crowe stars as the ice skating sheriff of a small Alaskan town who leads the local hockey team against the National Hockey League’s New York Rangers in a nationally televised match. The film also stars Hank Azaria, Mary McCormack, Lolita Davidovich, Colm Meaney. No Australian release date as yet.

I am very sorry to see Stanley Kubrick pass away. He was truly one of the greatest directors ever and he will be greatly missed. On the subject of Kubrick, are there any plans to release BARRY LYNDON on video? I have not seen this film and noticed that it has not been released locally on video.

I now would like to ask a couple of questions;
1.Has there been a released date confirmed for the Trey Parker/Matt Stone movie Baseketball yet?
2.Please do an interview with Parker and Stone when the South Park movie is released.
3.Please review the Rugrats Movie.
Keep up the good work.
Andrew Kieswetter, Adelaide

Louise replies:
Release date for Baseketball has been changed several times. It is currently undated. Our reviews of the Rugrats Movie will run on release on April 1. SouthPark release date is June 24.

Do you know if a movie by Spike Lee named "He Got Game" will ever have a cinema release in this country?
Thank you
Robert Dal Mas

Andrew says: To the best of our knowledge, this will not be released in Australia.

Do you know if there is a way of pre-purchasing tix to the Star Wars a Phantom Menice when it is released in June?
Peter Banks

Louise replies: Distributor, 20th Century Fox suggests that you contact your local cinema.

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