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The thrill of casinos in the cinema

Throughout the years casinos established a fascinating way of excitement like no other. The reason, of course, is that the thrill, and the agony of gambling is the same inside every man or woman that decides to find himself for a few days inside a casino and enjoy as long as it is possible. This feeling leads many different people to be a part of the casino universe for all different reasons.

For example consider the variety of movies that have been published in the history of cinema with quite different plots from one another. Movies that broke and desperate people take their last shot to make a profit for themselves, other movies where a group of exceptional characters gather in order to steal a casino like every man dreams, other where you see the glamour but also the cruelty of a casinoís owner life and the things that he is able to accomplish to make more money. The only thing for certain is that casinos attract all kinds of people no matter the occupation or their goals, this is the reason that the security level inside casinos is higher than any other place in the world.

Is the high security enough though? You can see in movies like the Oceanís 11 loot that security doesnít matter every time. The cunning gang of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon made it all the way and Andy Garcia who acted as the owner of three casinos couldnít see through their plot. The masterplan of their gang was indeed genius and really impossible to carry out to the end. But in the movies you can make impossible look possible and that is the beauty of it. All they did was to take advantage of a major blackout in Las Vegas created by their own crewmate and make their way to the vault of Mr. Terry Benedict, who was the owner of the casinos, unnoticed and unharmed, then the only thing left was of course to bypass the cameras inside the vault to make sure that the robbery is not recorded in any way. And how you get the money outside? That is a good question, and in the movie they did that like gentlemen.

Well stealing like that of course was never made in any casino but there have been reports of missing millions throughout the years and no one ever noticed it inside the casino. And incidents like that actually have happened more times than you imagine right now, this is the reason of the high security as well.

In a casino this kind or smaller kind of theft is possible because of the mass gathering of people, be sure that not all of them have the best intentions. Gambling and having fun with every luxury can mislead your head whether you wish for it or not, itís in human nature. So if you donít have a masterplan, like George Clooney and his gang obviously had, donít try this in real life. Casinos can be fun for sure, but if you are looking for something less adventurous, as you sit on your couch watching tv you can always try the online casinos like Royal Vegas, Spin Palace. Here you will find the same gambling games as in every casino in the world, and in a completely safer environment, meaning your home of course that doesnít require security or it does, who knows such things. If gambling is your style and Oceanís 11, The Cooler, Croupier, Swingers, Casino Jack are movies that inspire you, then you will definitely find more interest in the online casino world.

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