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Movie-based Slot Machines: Tribute or Humiliation?

Movies have served as an inspiration for the world of gaming since home computers became a widespread medium for gaming. Sometimes things happened the other way around - but that's a topic for another time.

Movie studios often released video games inspired by their latest titles, always on the most widespread hardware of their time - PC, gaming consoles, later portable consoles and smartphones. These video games were rarely worthy of their big screen originals, though. Yet they were legitimate efforts to promote a profitable product - the movie - so we won't discuss them this time.

About two decades later, a new breed of video games appeared - slot machines you could play online for real money. They were unexpectedly successful, rapidly spreading all over the connected world. The first games released were simple, yet players soon started asking for more diversity. Game designers started to look for inspiration in all places they never explored before, ultimately finding their way to Hollywood's endless supply of dreams and stories.

As a result, movie-based slot machines appeared, covering everything from space operas, comedies, even the the top horror movies of all time. It surely was to the satisfaction of slot machine fans. But what is the opinion of movie fans about this trend of movie-inspired slot machines?

Reels and reels

Sometimes movie-based slot machines are released to please slot machine fans. Other times, the reason for a slot machine to be released can be dual. We don't say that Jurassic Park and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, two insanely successful slot machines you can try at the Euro Palace Casino, were released as part of their respective owners' effort to promote their franchises. Still, it's a bit suspicious that both slot machines joined the Euro Palace library a short time before their respective franchises were revived. Both Euro Palace slots were inspired by the most successful part of their respective series - Terminator 2 was the best Terminator movie so far, and the success of the original Jurassic Park is also undisputed. Whichever the case, both games were considered by most a tribute rather than an effort to attract even more players to the Euro Palace Casino.

Movie classics on modern-day reels

Classic movies are quite often revived as slot machines in an effort to please the fans - whether it's pokie-loving movie fans or movie-loving pokie fans, it's basically the same. Over the years, casino software developers have built slot machines inspired by classic movies like Rocky (Playtech), Scarface (NetEnt) or even Psycho (NextGen Gaming). These games are by no means to be considered a humiliation for the movie - they are built with the utmost respect for the original, with improved attention to detail and atmosphere.

Published February 6, 2017

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